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Going to Stockholm, Sweden & Cop,Denmark. Cheap places to stay ?

I'm a fashion photographer From NYC. I'm visiting Stockholm and Copenhagen to shoot. I am 22 years old. I have a few questions.

Where are some VERY affordable places to stay for about a month ?

I can afford to rent a place for $800 a month. Compare that to their currency.

I'd like to live somewhere that's not too far from Stockholm.

I will be based in Stockholm but will be traveling to Copenhaggen a lot to shoot. I also will be shooting a lot in Stockholm. I do not know ANYONE in this country except the creative team.

I heard they are very nice people.

How much is a train ticket from Stockholm to Copehnhagen?

How far is the train ride?

Where are some nice places to dance ? I love to party. I like dubstep, hip-hop, heavy bass, electronic music.

Are they racist ? I'm african-american. Very educated. Scandinavian women are beautiful, dated a few here in NYC.

Where are some nice urban places to shoot and some greenland with landscapes ? mountains ?

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    Apartments in Stockholm are hard to find. It gets a lot easier if you could get the people you're working for to sign the deal - the agencies that rent out flats second-hand much prefer institutional customers. Could you arrange that, do you think?

    I tried to find some links to agencies for you. I didn't find any site that existed in an English version, though (which is a bit strange, really...)

    Maybe you'll find it intersting to take a look at this one, anyway:

    The price of a train ticket Stockholm - Copenhagen could vary a lot. Usually the tickets get more expensive the closer you are to the date you want to travel, so try to plan ahead.

    The major train company does have an English version of their site:

    As you'll be able to see there, the trip takes abt 5 hours.

    Nice urban places: The Old Town of Stockholm and most of the waterfront (there's a lot of waterfront in this city, as it's partly built on islands).

    greenland/landscapes: don't miss the Stockholm arcchipelago. The boats leave from the centre of the city, and there's lots of green islands of all sizes to be seen (they're more green in summer than now, of course...)

    To get to real mountains, you'll have to go a long way north-west, but you could find hilly, forested landscape with a lot of lakes closer to Stockholm.

    Hope that helps, and that you don't come across any racists (they do exist, as everywhere. but I wouldn't say that they're many)

    Source(s): I am Swedish
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