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American vs Japanese Animation?

Okay, I noticed that their art styles are fairly similar when it comes to comic shows and manga shows. The differences I know of though is eyes of course, not all anime have the eye thing, like some characters are more realistically drawn, especially if they're white, but with the American animation, I also notice that they never do the eye thing, if the person is oriental, they give them a round face with asian slanted eyes, as in comparison to the Japs drawing the caucasians with eyebrow ridges and smaller sunken in eyes. So they tend to be realistic drawing the other race, but with American Animation, they also draw the caucasians and blacks with their own set of characteristics -big lips etc. Oh and the hair, that's also a difference unless the anime character is white, then there isn't much difference there.

But other than these obvious differences, what else is different between the two styles?

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    American esp DC...

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    I've grown up watching both and I like em both equally. I do enjoy Japanese anime more when it comes to storylines. Most American cartoons are made specifically for dumb children so it is hard to find one that has a good story. Most anime are more mature and also have different types of stories from American shows. They range from action, romance, sci-fi, mecha, fantasy, slice of life, school life, drama, cooking, music, action, adventure, sports, martial arts, and psychological, etc,.... When it comes to the animation, I like American better. Japanese anime is very well drawn, but not well animated. The characters are often too still, while american animation will have the characters moving and have some body language when they talk. But I do appreciate that anime keeps the lips only up and down, keeps the lip syncing from looking awkward when they get dubbed. But nothing can compare to the animation quality of the classic disney films, ahh so beautiful ^_^ But really it's hard to compare such different things. Even if something is less realistic or whatever it can still be a good and fun thing to watch.

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    One difference that I know is that in American high-end animation (like Disney feature films) they simplify the characters, but use all 24 frames to animate them. In anime feature films (Like Miyazaki's) they use more complex and detailed character art, but the trade-off is that they use only 12 images per second, so the animation seems a little choppier.

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    here's the answer

    for me, the main difference between the two is that anime is WAY better than cartoons.

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    idk do Australian

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