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what do you think about Dream High (korean drama) episode 10 (the ep they're in japan) ENDING?

OHHHHH JEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ I need to talk this out


I really realllllly hoped the ep 11 preview (kiss scene) was just an almost-kiss/hye mi unconcious/or they actually kiss but samdong was looking else where


what do you think is gonna happen now?

actually im pretty sure SamDong is K in the end. if they end up with K as a group that'd be pretty lame.

and I kinda hope he ends up with hye mi, too. xP damndamndamn

but according to k drama rules, doesn't the first to kiss the girl always get the girl? damn I hope that's not it this time. and does a peck on the cheek count? if yes please let hye mi end up with sam dong. he's sooooooooo good to her and his head's been hurting cos he took the flower pot for HM. (Let's hope SD's not gonna die cos of head traumaor something in the end)

gah Taec I love you, but I'm all for sam dong this time. haha. You've lots too many points all these episodes, u gotta do something biggggg to redeem urself to me. and that kissss doesnt count. **** POOR SAMDONG

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  • 9 years ago
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    kyahhhh~ i love both samdong & taec its so hard to pick one for hyemi but for now im seriously on samdongs side because of everything he did for her. and if u saw the 11th episode already : ( spoiler ) i feel superr sad for samdong now, i hope the whole head thing gets better, he cant go deaf! on the bright side i love how the jyp and teacher kang's love triangle with the dance teacher is going <3 also jason & pil suks relationship :) the drama is getting serious now with 5 episods left! :(

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