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What is your average electricity bill for a one bedroom apartment?

I live in Houston, TX and it is a 1000 sq foot apt. Thanks. I'm going thru Gexa. .059 per kwh

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    I lived in a 1,000 square foot apartment for 2 years (2008 and 2009). My utilities (heat, water, electricity) were usually around $100. But that depends on your utility usage and energy rates in your area. You can call your utility company to get an estimate of what prior tennants were paying.

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    I stay in a three mattress room house with anal roommates that turn each and every thing electric off. we've not been utilising the heater or ac and our bill is ninety-a hundred. i've got lived in residences and residences and in no way heard of a 50 dollar electric bill. i could say your bill sounds commonly used. Worst case concern call your electric employer and ask them to recheck your meter. There may well be a mistake.

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    depends on how much electric you use

    call the company and ask for usage for that address.

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