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ashleymh2009 asked in PetsReptiles · 9 years ago

if my new leopard gecko won't eat... should i keep it in the same tank?

about 6 months ago i got my first leopard gecko. so far she has been great real laid back and chill for the most part. but i wanted to get her a buddy before she got too big so we went out and got another leopard gecko and put it in the same tank. at first she walked up to the new baby and they both stood up tall and then she licked its face (unsure of the new ones sex yet) and they both sleep under the rock together but when it comes time to eat, the baby will go for a meal worm and as soon as she sees her going for food she'll run over and take it and then the baby won't go for another one. so why is it that it won't eat in front of her? and if its because of a dominance thing, should i keep the baby in the same 10 gallon tank as her or should i separate them? i got the baby about 3 days ago.

pic of size difference

pic 2 of size difference

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  • 9 years ago
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    Size difference is very much an issue, yes.

    These animals should not be kept together and obviously if you are seeing this bullying then you NEED to separate them!!

    10 gallons is NOT large enough for two adult geckos, which is further reason to separate them.

    And... if you need another reason, once again that smaller animal is NOT a leopard gecko; it is an african fat tailed gecko.

    Quarantine periods are very important. You should never just stick two animals in the same cage together, especially when they are of such different sizes!! Read up about sand impaction (It is not a natural substrate and is very risky), get yourself another setup quickly, and read up on how to care for AFTs.

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  • 4 years ago

    The humid circumstances required for a chameleon might make a leopard gecko sick. Chameleons require tall tanks to climb. Leopard Gecko's require super floor area as they do no longer look to be in all danger climbers. Chameleons are from tropical rainforest form terrains, while leopard gecko's are from very dry center-eastern deserts. 2 VERY different environments. do no longer placed them interior an identical tank. Neither species get on o.k. with their own species, nevermind eachother! in case you are trying this, you're only inquiring for problems. Why do you may desire to go them into an identical tank besides?

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  • Ganal
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    9 years ago

    You need to get that baby off sand before you kill it. Actually you need to get both geckos off the sand. Sand is a horrible substrate and leopard geckos don't even live on sand in the wild. Also 10 gallons is too small for 1 gecko let alone 2. You'll need at least 30 gallons for 2. The size deference is concerning as the larger one could pick on or kill the baby. You need to separate them. There is also a chance depending on where you got the new gecko that you introduced the old one of diseases and parasites.

    Also that is not a leopard gecko but a fat tailed gecko. They CANNOT be housed together. AFTGs require higher humidity.

    Source(s): I have 3 leopard geckos Research
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  • 9 years ago

    We had a very similar situation! We bought one and then decided to get her a couple sisters. The three were fine together for about 2 weeks then one just stopped eating. After about a month of not eating and 2 vet visits we decided to put her in a tank alone. We read that there are hierarchy's with females as well. They say to only house one male with females. After about 3 days we separated her she started eating. Then the next week one of the other females stopped eating. We put her in with the other and they are both fine. We realized that the little female was the dominant of the 3 and was causing so much stress on the other 2 that they refused to eat. They are all doing very well now. I bet if you separate them things will improve.

    Plus sand is a very bad idea. We have had many impaction issues. We now use the eco carpet and it works great! I think the little one is a fat tail.

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  • 9 years ago

    your geckos are far too young to have sand in their exibit. buying an exhibit carpet at your local pet store is worth your pets life and will save you a trip to the vet.

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