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Religiously speaking, is Aaron Rodgers a Mormon?

Please say he is. I want to start planning our temple wedding.


He has a girlfriend? Ugh, WHATEVER! It's not like I'm not in love with someone else anyways. hmph.

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    Aaron Rodgers isn't serious with anyone.....well at least until he meets you. I live in Wisconsin so you can come visit and we can go introduce the two of you.

    P.S. Aaron-Super Bowl ring wearing starter for best team in the world

    Tim Tebow- Not quite a starter on a craptastic team.

    I think that proves my man is a better choice than yours.

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    10 years ago

    He is not Mormon. One of his favorite books is The Princess Bride, and another, is the Bible.

    So maybe some day he will convert. Hope he converts soon because all of the LDS quarterbacks in the NFL have been riding the pine... as in sitting on the bench, for the last few years.

    Princess if you started learning ballroom dancing, I am sure that you would have a lot of fun. So you might want to look into that. Nothing wrong with good clean fun.

    Dance combines two things. Music and athletics, two things that you like. Look into the Professional Dancing Instructors, there are some top notch ones in your area.

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    Nope and he is dating the daughter of my friend.......keep your claws off of him.

    Source(s): Green Bay Packer Shareholder.
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    6 years ago

    Probably not.

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