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Under what law can Assange be tried in the U.S.? He is an Australian, so I don't understand why he could be ex?

extradited? He only published information given to him by a third party that received it from the traitorous Pfc. If Woodward and Bernstein had done it, would they be tried too? It can simply be because Assange didn't have some names blacked out.

Is American justice overstepping its boundaries?


It can't* simply be . . .

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    America has treaties with many other nations that provide for extradition of foreign nationals that violate American law in such a a way that it affects the United States. In this case, Assange has made public documents that were the property of the U.S., which is a form of espionage. If the U.S. can satisfy the foreign court that he has violated U.S. law (it doesn't matter how or where he obtained the documents, or the identity of his home country, btw), he may be extradited to face a trial here.

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  • Anonymous
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    I imagine it would be on something related to threatening US national security interests. You don't have to be American to get in trouble for this sort of thing. Look at Osama bin Laden.

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  • Alex G
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    9 years ago

    He is not charged with any offense in the U.S. Therefore he must not have been breaking any law.

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