What Could Cause A 2000 Chrysler LHS Shaking?

I bought a 2000 Chrysler LHS. It has very high miles, 216xxx. When I was leaving work, the engine light popped on and the car is shaking. I took it to autozone to see why the engine light came on, the guy told me it needs a tune up because cylinder 5 misfire. So, I bought the spark plugs. Still misfire. And now, its shaking badly. If I do 35 or more, it jerks like the engine is going to give out. So, I changed the coil pack on cylinder 5. After changing, it shook while accelerating. It shakes very bad while in parked or reversing and it feels like the engine will die. What could be causing this problem? The coil packs and spark plugs are changed and the computer isn't telling me what else could be wrong. It keeps saying cylinder 5 is misfired when it was changed and dealt with.

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  • 9 years ago
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    For proper ignition or combustion, 3 things must exist.

    1. Fire/Spark

    2. Fuel

    3. Oxygen

    A misfire on cylinder 5 only means a misfire. Okay, so you changed the spark plugs and the ignition coil. Great, pretty sure we can rule out the lack of spark. I'd recommend changing the wires as well. Old wires will have higher resistance resulting in the spark plug not producing a good spark.

    Now for the fuel part. The injector must operate at injecting fuel into the combustion cycle or there will be a misfire. Injectors seldom fail although they can. Testing injector operation requires a good lab scope because a regular multi-meter simply isn't fast enough.

    Try pouring in some injector cleaner into the fuel.

    Oxygen. Change your air filter! If you haven't already.

    The likely problem if you know there's spark, and oxygen is getting through a clean air filter, is the #5 injector. Its either plugged, or it has actually failed. Only a shop has the diagnostic lab scope needed to test injector operation.

    Source(s): ASE automotive student
  • 9 years ago

    Always, ALWAYS change the wires when you have a miss firing engine. If this doesn't solve the problem, then it could be that the spark at the coil has jumped to the primary driver circuit at # 5 coil and taken out the #5 driver in the engine Controller. When a cylinder misfires it's because the plugs are so bad that the spark travels down the outside of the plug to the ground at it's base. This leads to carbon tracking in the wire's plug boot and ruins the boot and wire.

    Source(s): Chrysler master tech/adviser. Ret.
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    2000 Chrysler Lhs

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  • 9 years ago

    Whenever you change the spark plugs, you should always change the wires along with them.

  • 6 years ago

    Change your ignition coil. LHS do not have plug wires.

  • 9 years ago

    Add some of the injector cleaning. Does it shake while standing or on the road? With that many miles, you may have a burned valve.

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