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Can my life get any worse?

Ok so I don't really know how to start with all this but last year my life was going kinda good for me I met my current boyfriend was in a job I liked and just felt really positive about the future, then just before Christmas 2010 me and my boyfriend lost our jobs due to the company going out of buisness (We both worked at the same place) I didn't let this get me down and wanted to enjoy Christmas and though that the new year would be a fresh start for us both. My boyfriend and I both applied for loads of jobs in the new year and he ended up working in a garage and I got offered a job in a care home, I just had to wait for my CRB to come through everything seemed like it was sorting itself out again around this time my boyfriend also passed his driving test so it was good news all round really. Then about two weeks later my CRB comes through with a shoplifting offence from when I was about 13 for taking a lipgloss which I never thought would show had pretty much ruined my chances of getting the job, I called them explained the circumstances and they said I'd still have a chance but they have to talk with the main bosses about it so I didn't stress about it too much aslong as one of us in our relationship had a job it was better than none so I tried to stay positive, a couple days later my boyfriend calls me on the way back from work to say that he's lost his new job due to part of the shop closing down I just couldn't believe it why wasn't anything working out for us? Anyway we tried to keep our heads up and think positive there are always more jobs out there, the next day after my boyfriend lost his job he drove back to his mums to pick up some stuff for the weekend I had a phone call about ten minutes after he left, he'd been in a car crash his car had flipped 6 times over and was a complete write off but that didn't matter the most important thing is that he was alive the hospital couldn't believe he didn't die in the crash I was so grateful, he had bad whiplash, cracked his head open and also has a chunk missing from his arm and may have to have a skin graft, I know i may sound stupid asking this question because we were so lucky to have him still here but the question is now can any more bad luck come our way? What more can possibly go wrong i'm hurting for him because he lost his job and his car in the space of two days when he only got his licence two weeks before, he's devastated, and on top of all this I have all my problems to deal with aswell I'm also out of work at the moment until I hear back from the care home and I have psoratic arthritis which has been made worse from all the stress. I really though it was gonna be a good year and it's not like we haven't tried I guess some things just can't be avoided. I'm not feeling sorry for myself atall I was just hoping for some positive advice right now cos I'm at breaking point.

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    I suppose I can tell you it can only get better from here - you still have a shot at that job and your single offence was minor and you're still in with a good chance. Your boyfriend will recover quickly, you'll have no extra expenses from the car now that you don't have one and public transport is always available.

    A friend of mine always goes by the two-nuke standard: An obituary was posted in 2010 for a man who had survived being less than two miles from ground zero in Hiroshima, then trekked 180 miles, suffering serious burns to his upper body and almost deaf, through the streets filled with the dead and dying to catch the last train home to Nagasaki, just in time to be about two miles from ground zero a second time. He survived both blasts, and later found his wife and six-month-old son alive.

    It can always get worse, but there is always hope.

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