Powering laptop with solar power.?

Ok, so I want to see if I understand this correctly. Assuming optimal conditions in a perfect world, if I have a 12v 33Ah deep cycle battery hooked to a 200w DC-AC power inverter that outputs 1.6amps @ 120v, would that charge a laptop that pulls 1.5A @ ~120v AC for about 20 hrs?

Now, if I hook up a 20watt, 12v (1.7 amp) DC solar panel on that battery, would it keep the battery fully charged while charging the laptop? Remember, this would be in a perfect world, in the real world, if this is right, I would get something like a 30 watt panel, I think.

Anyway, some insight on this by knowledgeable people would be appreciated, thanks!


Since people seem to be concerned about the battery, I will explain a little more. I usually have my laptop (13-inch MacBook Pro, with Li-ion battery) plugged in at home all the time, so having it plugged into a deep cycle battery to keep it charged while running shouldn't be the problem. The charging cable that the laptop has says 1.5amps 100 240v. That voltage shouldn't really matter as I just want to make an inverter supply electricity like a regular outlet in a home, which is 120v, and the MacBook runs on that just fine. So if someone with some electrical background could help me out, that would be great, thanks. Also, thank you for saying that this seems like a good idea, I think I got it off of instructables.

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    The laptop would stop charging its battery when it becomes full. Otherwise that would ruin the purpose of having a battery on the laptop. If you did your math right and made the convertor correctly to deliever the correct input voltage and wattage / amperage to the laptop. Then yes you can power it through a solar panel. Don't know why they don't have an option to power a desktop through a 12volt source. Propably because it would go through a good size car battery within 2 1/2 hours or so.

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    Solar Panels aren't my specialty.

    But the hardware inside of a laptop takes around 300-400 Watts of electricity at it's best. Not sure what the rate is that batteries charge at, but for that you should check with the manufacturer.

    Using solar panels to charge laptops is a great idea, many people buy laptops mainly to avoid spending lots of money or more money on desktops. So even solar panels that are more or less not transportable would still have many uses.

    Or just build the solar panel into the monitor with a little unfoldable foot that can be used to stand it up?

    You're on to something.

    Though one thing I noticed when rereading what you wrote is that you want it so it can keep the battery charged while running the laptop.

    thing about laptop batteries is that, when they stay fully charged for long periods of time, they lose their capacity and they don't last as long. So if you were to hook it up, you'd want the solar panel to stop charging the battery when it fills up and let the laptop use the battery until it drains it.

  • A laptop requires energy to be fed into it at a certain rate.

    To prevent damage to the computer's workings it's important to

    maintain the flow of energy from the panel to the computer within

    certain parameters. Either a power center or an inverter and regulator

    must be installed between the panels and laptop.

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    Solar power is not narmally suited to fully power the average home: the average home consumes more energy a day than a routinfg solar panelset-up can provide; however some power from solar energy is preferable to NONE.

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