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Is nicki minaj rich? how was she even discovered?

I was wondering if nicki minaj was rich... How was she discovered and do you guys think she really slept with lil wayne?

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    don't listen to the idiot above me, she was with a label called Dirty Money, not the one with Diddy, the label was owned by a guy named Fendi who was over "The Come Up" Dvd so he put her video right after wayne's, so when his video went off wayne would see nicki. Wayne was looking for a female rapper for his group Young Money, this was in the 05-07 era, then he signed nicki minaj and put out her first mixtape the Playtime Is Over, then they put out two other mixtapes, she started blowing up in 09' after she was on 5 star chick, and dropped Itty Bitty Piggy which was on her "Beam Me Up Scotty" mixtape. She started jumping on everyone's songs, and got noticed even more that way, then she dropped her first singe "Massive Attack" which did flop, and eventually Nicki released "Your Love" and that blew up and she didn't think it would, she didn't like the song. She released Right Through Me, and then a week before she dropped Pink Friday, she dropped "Roman's Revenge" which helped create a little bit more buzz, because it added fire to the whole Lil Kim beef she had going on at the time, which lead to some other things we won't get into now, because then this would be super long. Pink Friday dropped and she eventually went Platinum and is doing really well for herself.

    she is definitely rich, she makes 100,000's of dollars for a feature verse, and made 1 million off a mixtape, which not many can do. She went platinum and is on tour so she of course is getting paid that way, not counting the pretty penny she got for signing with Wayne and her many performances and business ventures. She is eating well no doubt.

    Source(s): you can find these mixtapes on are legally free so you can just download them)
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    Nicki Minaj launched her first mixtape in 2007, after liberating, Playtime Is Over with grimy money records. She later launched yet another mixtape on July 7, 2008, titled Sucka unfastened, under the label of Be. On April 18, 2009, Minaj launched a 0.33 mixtape and recognized in XXL mag. In 2008 she gained the female Artist of the twelve months award on the Underground music Awards. Minaj launched Beam Me Up Scotty, yet another mixtape, in April 2009 under the label of Trapaholics records. Beam Me Up Scotty won beneficial coverage on the two wager and MTV. ya welcome

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    I know she's rich...she's a hip hop singer so she must be. She was discovered by being in that Flo Rida song "Low"..I don't care is she slept with Lil Wayne, that's her business.

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