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what do to if your cellphone is blinking on and off?

my phone dropped in the tub like 5 days i put it in pretty sure the water is fully gone. but when i put the battery back in it turns on and says samung and then the light turns off. I doesnt fully turn off. the light just blinks on and off. i heard that you could of shorted your circut in the cellphone by turning it back on as soon as it was wet. but when i pulled ma phone out of the water it turned on it self. i have to take the battery out because it wouldnt turn off. how can i recover it can work. i have all my contacts, pictures, music saved on the phone. i didnt have a memory card for it. and the spare cellphone i have doesnt even have any service and i cant get messages or send out messages!!! HELP.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    you may try recovery software to recover it.

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