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What do you think the match will be in WrestleMania and Who do you think will win at WrestleMania 27?

Apparently someone in Wikipedia can tell the future and already has one winner decided

1 Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Go check it out yourself


I meant matches sorry for the incorrect spelling or my horrible grammar

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    At the elimination chamber, Rey Mysterio will win the World title. So at Wrestlemania 27... Rey beats Rio and retains his world title :D

    Taker def. Kane

    HHH vs. Sheamus or Randy Orton - WWE Title

    Drew McIntylre wins The Money In The Bank

    EDIT @Daniel Jones

    So? Kevin Nash A.K.A Diesel is 51, and they allowed him. Sting can be allowed also.

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    That will more then likely be one of the main events, along with Cena v Miz and Wade v Taker

    no sting hes in his 50s lol

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    My predictions.....

    Alberto vs Edge....Alberto wins

    King (defending wwe champ) vs the miz vs john cena...triple threat....Cena wins

    Undertaker vs anyone.....Taker wins

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    WM 27 looks like crap, no good matches happening.

    WM 27= Failure

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