Spore vs Spore Galactic Adventures?

So, im thinking about buying spore, since ive been wanting it ever since it came out, and now that the price went way down and they got a patch for that dmr/dmv whatever problem. so my question is that on the spore website spore and galactic adventures are the same price, so whats the difference? ive heard multiple things, like that G.A. has a poster and dvd and book, and ive also heard its just an expansion pack and its useless without the actual spore disc, so, whats the difference?

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    Spore is the main game. Spore Galactic Adventures is an expansion that just adds like missions and more accessories and stuff. Do you maybe mean Spore Galactic Edition? It's the game plus some more things along with it.

    Accoding to Amazon, Spore Galactic Edition is a "deluxe bundle, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the title's development process. Spore fans can adorn their rooms with a full-color poster of the game, or sit back and watch "The Making of Spore" DVD. Also included within the limited edition package are the following printed materials: a hardcover book dedicated to Spore's stylized artwork, and a 100-page "Galactic Handbook" that delves into some of things you'll encounter during the evolutionary process. As a special bonus, "How to Build a Better Being," a documentary that originally aired on the National Geographic Channel, is included on a second DVD."

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    Spore Galactic Adventures

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    galactic adventures is an expansion. It adds content to Spore.

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