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What's a good sappy love song?

I have feelings for this guy. And the best way i put my thoughts is through songs.... Whats a good sappy love song??

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    I'm personally a fan of Patsy Cline's "Crazy," but she has many other great love songs like "You Belong To Me," "True Love," "Sweet Dreams (of You)," and "I Fall To Pieces." The lyrics are simple but it should speak for people who are in love, and her gorgeous voice puts a magical spell over the listener.

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    Jon B-They Don't Know

    Justin Bieber- That Should Be Me

    Jessica Simpson-With You

    Colbie Caillat-Bubbly

    Babyface-Two Occasions

    Bobby Valentino- Stay With Me

    Nivea-25 Reasons

    ** Hope This Helps Out Some...

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    Whenever You Come Around-Vince Gill

    I Get Carried Away-George Strait

    Listen to the lyrics. Two of the most perfect love songs ever, imo.

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    Back at One- Brian McKnight

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    Lily Allen- Chinese

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