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rainjet sprinklers controller help!!! pleaseee?

the controller for my sprinklers is not working. i moved into the house several months ago and i want to use sprinklers to water the grass. i pressed all the buttons on the controller but nothing is lighting up on the display. i dont know what is wrong with it. help pleasee, i need to water my grass. there is a battery inside the control box and i connected it to the cords inside the box but its still not working. there are cords that are linked from the control box but they go inside the ground. i dont know where those cords go to. please helpppppp.!!!!!

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    those wires go to the valves that open and close the water to each sprinkler station green box some where in yard maybe e even two of them. first there should be a valve between the water meter and the control box to turn water on to system should find a cap that unthreads then use use a tee to turn on the water to the system second when You find the box with the valves in it you can test them to see if they are getting water bye turning either a black knob or some times turning the solenoid the part that has two wires going into it good luck

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    If that's a extra moderen equipment it may be radio controlled. The controller is instant and that's a threat that the former citizens took it with them with the aid of mistake. i could recommend checking with a close-by irrigation installer (in case you will locate out who did the paintings they could be mind-blowing) and notice what they could desire to assert.

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