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Why do girls only seem to date scrawny guys?

I keep hearing women say "Oh, I want some big man to protect me," but then every attractive woman I see is dating some scrawny boyish type, the kind of guy I wish I looked like. Almost all male movie stars are boyish and scrawny...the few big guys are usually action stars or sports stars that appeal only to men and are less interested in love than beating people up or scoring touchdowns.

The only girls I see with big guys are those who are big themselves, and while I like fat girls, it bugs me because a number of them told me they loved that my size offset theirs. I also don't like being big myself (6'3", 245) and don't like the idea that someone else gets to feel more attractive by comparison.

So...if big guys are so prized, how come there are next to no "sexy" big guys in modern media?

Oh, and I don't mean "big" as in fat guys...look at my examples of athletes and action stars.


Porcelain - Yeah, it's pretty funny...after all, we all know that only big guys date fat girls, right? And I know how to lose weight, but tell me how I won't be seen as big at 6'3" and having broad shoulders.

Update 2:

cata - Vin Diesel is oafish and gross-looking.

Update 3:

don't know - i don't want a girl who needs someone to protect her

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    hey hun having dated a scrawny guy as you put it i came to my senses and realised it wasn't what attracted me to a guy, i mean those are no up sides to dating a scrawny guy really, they only moan about being to thin etc, i like my men with abit of definition you can see there confidence show really especially when there out in force, and i mean definition as abit of muscle but not to toned, i'm not sure why other women like smaller guys because like you said they can't fight for you, and i got to be honest i'm not exactly thin but i'm a size 12 which is an average size nowadays, everybody is different and i'm size there are many people out there who are different in many ways x

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    ".. dating some scrawny boyish type, the kind of guy I wish I looked like"

    You want to be scrawny, and yet you like fat girls? Lol..

    Here's the thing, if you don't like being bigger, eat less and exercise more. This isn't difficult.

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    Vin Diesel???!!

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