What does too much CO2 do to the human body?

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Hypercapnia is too much CO2 and hypocapnia is too little. The first provides and increase in acid and the second provides alkaline. The body is reported to balance the two. However ...show more
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  • <3 answered 3 years ago
Carbon dioxide is usually expelled through the citric acid/kreb's cycle. If there is an excess of CO2(hypercapnia),the blood will be over acidified. Over time, this disruption of the acid-base balance will likely lead to respiratory failure and then death.
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  • fallibledragon answered 3 years ago
    It makes people too lazy to do their own homework.
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  • Perry 2012 answered 3 years ago
    in the time it took for you to copy your homework question onto Y!A you could've looked it up.
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