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Question about Germany and the Holocaust?

Do you think that most of Nazi Germany agreed with Hitler's idea to prosecute Jews and put them in 'Death Camps' and why do you think so? How could a nation be so inhumane and do such thinks to men even if they hated them so much? Do you think that the people that now live in Germany are prepared to do such inhumane things to people in another time and under another circumstances?

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    Holocaust or holohoax ?????????

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    Treaty of Versailles, drafted by Allies blamed Germans for the war, which they did not start. They made them pay huge reparations and devastated them.

    Winston Churchill said along with some other bigoted statements; “You must understand that this war WWII is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”!!

    (He also called the great Ghandi who was a well educated attorney,- just a naked little “kafir” Anyway, German wealth was taken and applied to Allied imperialist interest while Germans were starving to death. One of the people who benefited was Israel, which is debateable as to why they could be put on top of people already living there. They were seen only as money makers and bankers who did not hold political alliances but prepared to milk Germany also. Hitler, an insane man lit a fire to this theory as the direct cause of their sufferings. He mocked them and said they were inferior to other Germans (whatever that meant)

    And Yes it has happened all over the world. Americans murdered millions of native Americans tribes in their own land for something one of two may have committed. Africans have been slaughtered by whites and each other tribes wars, Christians tried to extinquish Muslims and vice versa. Moses killed his neighbors because God told him to. Genocide happens and has also been seen in chimpanzee behavior. It is a shameful evil in human beings nature. Lets pray it never ever happens again.

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    no most Nazi did not agree but in fear of prosecution and the death penalty they did what they were told

    fist the nation has nothing to do with it it was the government who hated men so much they were perverted and thinking that if they kill every one but them selves the would rule the world

    no i don´t think that so much has changed that they would not be prepared this time they would think it over the problem with the Hitlers plan was that he was over confident and underestimated the forces of the enemy.

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    ive learn about the nazi when i was in high school......... umm there are alots of people in nazi that want to save the Jew, for example if you seen the movie called the pianist, boy in the striped pijama, and one more with tom cruise but i forgot the name. The goal of the Nazi is basiclly to rule the world and share their pain to the whole world. And i have a daubt that they are gonna do that again, they just finished paying the chaos from ww1 ww2

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    the Nazis were a political movement that took control by killing all of the opposition or arresting them and "making them disappear".

    did you know that after Hitler gained power it became illegal to not give the Hitler salute? if you did not you were executed and so was your family.

    the vast majority of German people were not Nazis, but lived under their terrifying regime.

    so many people who opposed them were made to watch their children die, and then their parents. opposing Hitler meant not just your own life, but the life of those you loved.

    in the Nazi party, many were very happy to torture and kill anyone they did not like; Gays, Jews, the people of the Rom (used to be called Gypsies) and political opponents. they were given the power to do anything to anyone and gladly used it.

    young women who were not Jewish or any other group hated by Hitler were sent to breeding camps and forced to become pregnant by Nazi soldiers. while some saw it as an honour (propaganda works) many were just rape victims.

    there were many programs like that which were forced on the German people, and if you did not comply you were killed, but first your loved ones were.

    and yet still some of the German people did stand against him. they made an underground railroad to help the Jews and they tried to organize opposition to Hitler's army.

    the people in Germany began in earnest to build memorials to the horrors that happened under Hitler, right after the war. every school child is taught exactly what happened and each is taken to one of the death camps or work camps.

    there are no Germans today that would ever allow this kind of thing - it is branded in their social identity. the Jews were themselves Germans after all. Hitler killed his own people.

    but think about this; who stopped Bush from killing hundreds of thousands of innocents in his war to take oil and power? did the people of the US stop him? did they face death if they opposed him?

    and would they let their president do it again?

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    the final citizen in Germany interior the 1930's knew that the Nazi's have been anti-jew and anti-communist because of the fact it replaced into area of the occasion doctrine and the German human beings ELECTED Hitler to workplace(by way of a plurality no longer a majority), yet they actually knew that he disliked Jews. they did no longer understand that Hitler meant to kill all Jews, because of the fact Hitler did no longer understand that till 1941-1942. His unique plan replaced into to deliver all the Jews to Madagascar. Jordy, Anti-semitism isn't the suited word for people who hate Jews. Jews are no longer a race of folk, they are people who believe in a undeniable religious theory. Definition of SEMITE a million a : a member of any of assorted peoples of historic southwestern Asia alongside with the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs b : a descendant of those peoples 2: a member of a popular human beings conversing a Semitic language you will see that Hebrews, no longer all Jews are Hebrews only as no longer all Jews are Israeli, AND Arabs are the two members of the SEMITIC race of peoples. you may no longer FACTUALLY call an arab an anti-semite because of the fact he's a semite himself. it rather is like calling a Brazilian an American. confident, he may well be a member of the Western Hemisphere and area of the Americas, yet he's no longer an American. whale Armourer, you're relatively incorrect. no one knew relating to the Holocaust in 1941, because of the fact the Holocaust replaced into the systematic and industrialized homicide of tens of millions of the undesirable of Europe(no longer purely Jews) and that did no longer start up till 1942. a lot of human beings international huge knew that the Nazi's have been treating the Jews of Germany as 2nd type(or worse) electorate. there's an excellent distinction between understanding that persons are being imprisoned and taken care of badly and murdered. BTW, it is likewise the MARSHALL plan, no longer the Marchall Plan. It replaced into named after the U. S. Secretary of State George Marshall to rebuild Europe

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    They certainly had no problem with it

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