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is there a 1:30 scale in architectural drawing? or the 1:5, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 are the only accepted ratios?

what to do if the a1 sheet of paper is not big enough for a 1;20 scaled drawing? and a 1:50 drawing would be far too small to do, and you're nto allowed to use a0 paper.

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    Depends if you are working in Metric or English. In English there is a 1:30 scale. But it is an Engineering scale not Architectural. A 1:30 engineering scale would be one inch equals thirty feet.

    Generally any drawing has a scale if it is drawn to scale. Its just that the scale may be not conventional and a ruler is not made for it. If that is the case a graphic scale can be printed with the drawing which shows the scale and help the reader understand the scale. Generally the graphic scale starts with zero then has marks at appropriate distance spots, for the size of the drawing.

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    Architectural Graphic Scale

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