Trying to get out of the friend zone?????

I am friends with this girl that I am starting to become interested in. We take an art class together and now we both hangout with the same group of friends too. So we are pretty familiar with eachother. We talk everyday, flirt everyday, she hugs me alot, tells me i'm adorable and that she loves me. Is that how boy-girl friends act?

Anyways we get along great and have been hanging out together with another friend or two.

How can I try to get past the friend zone? She likes little things like toy animals, so I was planning on buying her this animal for valentines day that squeeks when you press its belly. Because she was showing me them when we were in this store. Also, i'm writting all my friends letters for valentines day so I have one for her too.

Thanks for your help

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    9 years ago
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    That friend zone is BS mate. The best relationships are many times with someone you are familiar to and really great friends with. My girlfriend now is my best friend and was before we started to date. At first she wasn't sure; so we took it slow. But now we are very much so in love. I wouldn't change anything about how we got together; I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. You two are great friends? All you can do is be there for her; and tell her your honest feelings. This may be awkward and hard to do; but if you really like her it is worth the risk. Nobody ever got anywhere important without risking big things. If she doesn't reciprocate these feelings all hope isn't lost; if she is that important to you where you cant move on then don't give up. She may see you in a different light knowing you would not give up on her. Meaning if she says no; don't just go for what you can get next. Keep to it for a while; months; years even depending on your connection, I waited 5 months until she actually gave us a chance, I told her straightforward that I was the man for her and would prove it to her. All in all it will be worth it because you'd be staying true to yourself. Friend zones don't exist; there's just compatible people and non compatible. A friend zone is something people put themselves in when they give up; or when they give up after being told they are like a brother to the girl. Don't give up and you will be something different to her; if but a way closer friend than before because your feelings and how much you care for her will be monumentally greater than she realized before hand.

    Source(s): Experience; and friends help. HOpe this helps :)
  • 9 years ago

    Don't listen to this square he is giving you bad advice. You never start off as best friends most women don't like to cross that line. Once you are in that friends zone you won't go higher than that. Just move on and date other girls who are attracted to you. Don't waste your time in the friend's zone.

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