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What is a good longboard for a 5'6", 115 pound girl? I've been on the same board for...?

...4 years and need a new one.

I'm not so much picky as specific... The problem is that I know exactly what I want but I just don't know where to find it.

-I'd prefer a complete. Building is not my thing yet. Will take suggestions on wheels.

-Deck must be flex or flat (no concave or dips).

-36" would be perfect, or a little smaller or a tiny bit bigger if need be.

-love the look of Arbor boards but they just don't mesh with my riding style (the whole concave thing), but the look, yes, the look is great.

-$300 is approx. my top budget.

-Looking to cruise and carve (or at least make corners and not completely die on the few mild slopes I'll ever have to face). And PLEASE don't tell me that carving can't be done on flex or flat boards OR that hard wheels are no good for cruising, because I know first hand that both work out just fine. I'm looking for a best of both worlds area...

It's a challenge. Maybe I should just start roller blading? HAHAHA. Kidding.

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    Fibreflex 43" Funshape Complete Longboard Skateboard

    Your Price: $186.00

    Build Your Complete Longboard:

    Fibreflex boards are excellent for cruising, carving and pumping due to their lively flex. These boards have 3/4" Camber and are laid up with Aspen and Walnut vertically laminated cores sandwiched between pre-cured epoxy glass. Multiple hole patterns allow the user to adjust the amount of flex by adjustment of the board's wheelbase.


    # Vertically laminated Aspen and Walnut

    # Multiple holes pattern / adjustable wheelbase

    # 43"L 8.875"W Dimensions

    # 34.25" to 36.5" Wheel Base Options

    # Black Griptape Strip Applied Reveals Fibreflex Logo



    # Flex: Med

    Recommend Components:

    # Randal or Paris 180mm Trucks

    # Abec11 Retro ZigZags 70mm Red 78a


    # Khiro Assembly Hardware Included Free Of Charge

    Item Number: 550

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