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Is there any way I can improve my looks?

sorry for a repost but I accidentally deleted my other question before I could read the answers.

I'm not very confident about the way I look, and I was wondering if there are any hairstyles or makeup ideas that you think might make me look better? Thanks.


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    Here are a few makeup tips for you!

    *Pressed Powder Foundation

    Using a cotton wool ball, press down and swirl gently in the powder container and then press the cotton wool ball on areas on your face. This helps it to stay on longer!

    *Liquid foundation

    With all foundations, make sure you have the right colour for your skin tone.

    If you want a thick, even coverage then apply the foundation to your face using a cosmetic sponge.

    For an easier but thinner coverage, use your fingertips to blend into your face.

    *Mousse foundation

    Applying with your fingertips is the best way. Did you know that mousse foundation is actually powder?

    *Liquid Concealer

    Apply dots under your eyes in a crescent-moon shape and dab using the tip of your middle finger. Don't rub - this wipes the concealer off!


    Smile! Apply a small amount onto a blusher brush and blend onto your apples in a circular motion.

    Another way of applying it so that it doesn't look so dramatic is to dab on TINY amounts using your finger and rub in circular motions to blend.


    Use a white eyeliner on your bottom waterline to make your eyes appear bigger.

    Using any other colour eyeliner you like, apply just underneath your bottom lashes. Then roll a cotton bud (or q tip I think they're called in America, idk) gently into some petroleum jelly (vaseline) and use it to smudge and blend your eyeliner in. Same technique can be used for applying eyeliner on your eyelids.


    ALWAYS use an eyelash curler BEFORE applying mascara. When applying, apply in a zigzag motion. This helps to coat all the lashes. Remember to use an eyelash brush inbetween coats to make your lashes appear more natural.


    The key is to exfoliate! Roll a cotton bud in some petroleum jelly (like with the eyeliner!), then roll it in some sugar and swirl gently on your lips for 30 seconds, then wash that off and apply petroleum jelly to your lips.

    Hope you found these helpful! :)♥

  • 9 years ago

    You look pretty enough. I mean to say, it'd not like u actually need to improve ur looks unless u seriously have some self-confidence issues! :P just learn to look at urself and say I love ___ and I love ____ about myself. I have learned that for myself, my body is beautiful and that I should learn to love it and to pick away any bad thoughts about it. So just learn to live with what uve got.....cuz its what make u U!

  • 9 years ago

    you can stop caring how you look for a week, then go back to how you currently look and BAM! look improvement successful!

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    9 years ago

    your annoying because obviously your beautiful and u post this question just to hear compliments about yourself.

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  • 9 years ago

    very pretty. dont fix something thats not broken

  • 9 years ago

    I personally don't think so. you are very pretty!!

    Source(s): Just another girl<3
  • 9 years ago

    holyy, wtf you talking about? YOURE SO PRETTY! just be confident :)

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