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Do LG TV's Have VA or IPS panels?

There's TN, VA, and IPS panels. Which do most companies use?

Which panel does LG put in their TVs?

What about Sony, Samsung?


How do you know

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    IPS In-plane switching has since been superseded by S-IPS (Super-IPS, Hitachi Ltd. in 1998), which has all the benefits of IPS technology with the addition of improved pixel refresh timing.


    LG Display remains as one of the main manufacturers of panels based on Hitachi Super-IPS.

    LG use Super-IPS panel for hi end models LG TV

    Sony / Samsung JV korea S-LCD use Patterned vertical alignment and super patterned vertical alignment (S-PVA) similar features to MVA . MVA Multi-domain vertical alignment was originally developed in 1998 by Fujitsu as a compromise between TN and IPS..

    Sony / Samsung some hi end models are MVA panel.

    Panasonic / Toshiba use IPS-PRO by IPS Alpha Technology . similar features Super-IPS .

    Sharp use Advanced super view (ASV) panel

    . some Sony hi end models use Sharp ASV panel.

    mose other panel are MVA Multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA)

    Twisted nematic (TN) panel for low end models.

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    Tn Va Ips

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    they use VA panels in every customer products IPS are more expensive to produce they put IPS panels into Commercial display panels no company mass produces TVs with IPS panels

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