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Country Music Fans: Why do you think people hate country?

I use to hate it, I never gave it a chance though. And I was getting sick of the crap on the radio station I use to listen to. So I sat there on youtube one day and typed in 'country music' after that, I never turned back! I think country is the best music that ever existed!

What makes you like country? And why do you think people hate it so much?

If you are going to sit and hate on my question and say 'dude it sucks, man' just get lost and don't waste your time.

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    I love country music because it is real. It has emotion and you can relate to it and you can talk about anything you want to, there is no limit to what you can say in a song. You can tell someone off, tell them you love them, talk about a crazy day, say thank you... anything. It's also a life style, a very simple life style.

    I think people dislike country music so much because of the tempo of the music and possibly the accent. A lot of people get annoyed when they hear a southern accent. If you notice people love music by Taylor Swift but her tempo is more upbeat and Pop like. Not acoustics and southern charm. If you know what I mean. I really think it has to do with the tempo and instruments used.

    Source(s): country music fan since the 5th grade.
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    I like country music for the lyrics. I like songs that tell a story. If it makes me laugh or cry, even better. I like that I FEEL something when I listen to country music. Not to say that I ONLY like country music. While that's what I prefer, I also like some older songs like Piano Man, White Wedding, Purple Rain, Heaven Beside You, Lightning Crashes, When Doves Cry, and Voodoo. I'm not much into the newer stuff, yet.

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    When I was young, The only people I knew who listened to country music was my family and me.My family got it from living in Kentucky I guess and even though I was born and grew up in a city, far from the south, I loved country music. If you think people put it down now, you should have seen how others put in down, back when Tanya Tucker,George Jones,Merle Haggard and other country artists like this were going strong! Most everyone thought that people who sang/listened to country were hicks! Where I lived in the city anyway! You were always having to defend it! On the other hand, now that people who used to put it down(pop artists, rock artist) are now singing country music, and it does not sound country anymore, So people who've always loved and defended it are now getting upset because, they think country music, should sound country! If it doesn't sound country, they need to change the name of it, at least then, we wouldn't be expecting to hear country music when we tune in to CMT etc... So these are just two reasons why some people don't like country music!

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    I love country because I love the style of it. I feel like its real music as opposed to those modern heavy metal bands who scream their songs. I think a lot of people hate it because they never gave it a chance they stereotype it and think all they sing about is their Dog running away or their tractors and they think its "Hillbilly music." Its far from it. I think everybody can relate to a country song. They just don't realize it.

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    Not everyone hates Country Music. The uninformed think it is all hill billies and crying about your dog running away. but, it is not that. it is about real is about the things that were happening in the lives of the people who wrote it. in the thirties it was love,death,living,drinking.

    When you listen to it don't just turn it on and have it as back ground noise, really listen to it.

    you will see what it is about. Everyone from Jimmy Rogers(the singing brakeman) to Alan Jackson

    and everyone in between.

    People that love Country Music hate what is happening to it because of the muzik mafia.

    Big n Rich,Keith Urban,Tim McGraw.Montgomery Gentry,Shaina Twain,they have ruined my Country Music with the help of MTV and the powers in Nash Vegas.

    Source(s): I am a fan of Country Music for 35 + years.
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    I think lots of people hate it because of the perceived stigma attached to it; that it's somehow 'racist' or that 'it all sounds the same'. I think if people stopped being so ignorant and gave it a chance, they might actually like it! After all, as I remind the haters, everyone likes Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton!

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    they just don't like it but i love it

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    To each, his own....I don't like "Rap"....

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    IDK, People in my school are like obsessed with country, well the popular people are!

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