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My house has no insulation...would it be a decent idea to go into the attic and?

push plastic bags in between the outside wall and the inside walls?

I save all of my plastic bags from Walmart and all other stores. I have a huge amountof them. Why not put them to good use?

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    Plastic bags will not do much for an insulating factor but think in terms of a fire. Plastic burns rapidly and gives off toxic fumes that will kill you and they also burn with a god awful black smoke making it impossible to see. Why not go to Lowe's or Home Depot and but the sacks of blow in insulation and rent their blow in machine . you can do your walls where you can get in and fill your attic space to R40 which is about 12 inches thick. If you cannot get at the walls in your attic because of the top plates than prior to renting the machine buy a 2 1/4 inch hole saw and drill a hole at the middle and top of each outside wall between the studs. Take the drywall circle out of the hole saw carefully so you can tape them back over the holes so nothing comes out the holes before you tape and fill. This may sound like a lot of work but boy is it ever worth it. You will be able to cut you heat bills in half not to mention air conditioning or just making your home more comfortable and quieter inside as well. I hope this helps you and good luck with this project.


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    Those wouldn't work at all. You need to hire a professional insulation contractor. There is a lot more to it than simply putting insulation down. You have to do certain things first, or else you might end up with a mold problem. And if there's nothing in the walls, then putting it in the ceiling will do little good; the heat will go out the walls instead. Path of least resistance. The contractor needs to properly insulate both the walls and attic space.

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    From a fire safety standpoint - no, absolutely not! Residential insulation is either non flammable or treated with a flame retardant. Plastic grocery bags on the other hand burn like crazy. It's not the sort of thing you want to go jamming into walls that contain all of the wiring that runs inside your house.

    The amount of plastic bags you would need to actually insulate an entire house would be insane as well.

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    No Insulation In Walls

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    Plastic bags have very little R-value, & as already mentioned would create a fire hazard. Your best bet would be to call an insulation contractor. They can add blown in loose fill insulation to your walls, & attic. You may spend more than you want, but it will pay for it's self, & add value to your home.

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    Plastic bags don't have much insulating value. Probably almost none. And you can't just push stuff into the walls from the top anyway. They are not open at the top.

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    Well it would have some effect but.... honestly you are better off investing in proper insulation it is a lot better and it will definitely save you money.. you should look into some cavity wall insulation you make your money back from the heating bills very quickly as it is very effective...

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    i think the plastic bags would stop the air circulation and that could cause mold.

    you would be better off putting in the minimum amount of insulation and then add more as you can afford to.

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    All these people sound 100% right. Why not hang blankets on all your walls (on the wall, not between them)? I'd think this would help and not create mold problems. Possibly it would be a fire hazard, tho...

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