Should I apply to West Point?

I just got a letter today saying that there "isn't room for me" in the summer seminar, but I am competative candidate for admission. Is it even worth applying, or should I just not apply? I'm also applying to Annapolis, and that is my number one pick.


I did not contact my congressman or senators yet, I will begin that in the spring. I was just wondering if its worth it to begin the application process if I was denied to the summer seminar. And I am not applying to Army ROTC because I'm applying for AFROTC and NROTC.

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    10 years ago
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    Of course you should apply, West Point told you that you are a competitive candidate for admission, and in any event, since you applied for SLS, you have already applied for West Point. All you need to do is to continue the application process. West Point only admits 1100 to SLS. That is up from 800 three years ago. They primarily admit students who will likely be awarded Loa's and students being recruited for athletics and other academy goals. Being admitted to Usna Summer Seminar and not being admitted to West Point SLS does not mean a Pre Candidate has a better chance of being admitted to the Naval Academy. The Naval Academy admits 2250 to summer seminar and there are more applicants and fewer available appointments for the non recruited applicant because the Naval Academy has a higher percentage of recruited athletes and a higher percentage of the class recruited for other academy goals. There is nothing to preclude applying for an Rotc Scholarship. If applying for West Point, apply for an Rotc Scholarship. An Rotc Scholarship can be declined.

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    If you cant get in, you should consider doing a ROTC program at a major University. You will come out after 4 years in the same exact place, only you will get to live the real college experience. Also, do you have your letter of recommendation? How high is your GPA? Are you one of the TOP athletes in your High School? If the answers to those questions is yes....then go ahead and apply.

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    Have you got a recommendation from one of your Congressmen? I believe in the past each was allowed one candidate but do not know the current rules....

    ROTC is also a good option.... If you want NAVY you may apply to the COAST GUARD ACADEMY -- I think any would be an excellent place to start a career...

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