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Why is HOLLYWOOD so politically correct?

Has anyone noticed how liberal today's TV shows, Movies, Music, etc. is? For example, Sex in the City, The Simpsons, Family Guy, 30 Rock, The Office, Broke back Mountain, Gandhi, etc. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with democrats. In fact, I have had democratic teachers before. And I have had republican teachers as well. It's just that I am very sick of TV shows and Movies rubbing their views into my face! I'm okay if they give opinions out, but not if they treat them like morals. And plus, the Golden Age of HOLLYWOOD was in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. when they were more conservative, or at least not very political. My Mom and Dad told me that HOLLYWOOD started being political in at least the 70s. So, why are they so political?

A.) They want to make gays, Mexicans, blacks, etc. think that they are very accepting of them just so they could grab their attention?

B.) They are very ungodly?

C.) Both A & B?

D.) All of the above?

ps Do you think it is a good thing that HOLLYWOOD is liberal? Why or why not?

pss Try not to give your political views. Well, you can if you want to, but try not to say anything offensive. Okay?

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    I can't believe anybody would think that Family Guy or The Office were even remotely politically correct.

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    They are politically correct except when it comes to race, sexes, sexuality and not when it comes to conservative. They do their best to berate Republicans and conservatives. I think you can trace this as a reason why there are so few blockbuster movies for the past few years. Hollywood and the left wing liberal Democrat bias celebrities have done their best to alleniate conservative Republicans. No problem. I just don't go to movies anymore. I have cancelled my subscription to Time and Newsweek and local newspaper. I'm not spending money to be insulted. 50% or so of Americans are conservative and my guess is many feel the same way.

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    Actually it was the 1930's through the 1950's that was the Golden age of Hollywood. You are also correct more and more Hollywood is messing with facts. Then, again more and more of the tv is also reflecting real life like Modern Family with a Father having a much younger wife and children the same age as his grandchildren.

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    No. If the least you're able to do is be politically spectacular, please get with this technique. no person is calling something of you different than to provide up stereotyping human beings. And what does Hollywood ought to do with something? You recommend Hollywood like Reagan and Schwartzenegger and Bruce Willis? Or do you only recommend Hollywood human beings you disagree with?

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    Family Guy politically correct?! Haha! Do you even watch the show? All they do is mock people personally and through stereotypes. Also, if Hollywood was so "liberal," you wouldn't have films like Juno and An American Carol.

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    Hollywood is politically inept and disgusting in their portrayal of history, the U.S.; they only push drugs ,sex, thievery, and socialism etc. They are the front line of the very oppressive communist/islamic propaganda machine.

    A. - they do it for money and to lure them into a false sense of importance and to keep the white people feeling guilty.

    B. Being spiritual does not serve their purpose, they promote sex,violence,thievery,drug use,socialism, laziness, etc.

    Hollywood is very liberal and for the most part always has been; that is what they are used for: promoting and indoctrinating our citizens into the way of thinking like they do , so we will think it is normal to be slaves(to a government hand-out), lazy, stupid, drugged , morale-less individuals with no self respect, unable to eat a meal, or get a job and be proud of individual accomplishments.

  • I am still waiting for Family guy to have an original joke. Any one who is over thirty has heard them all already and can see them coming.

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    Muslims will always be portrayed as the terrorists

    Jews as the smart-asses who are after the money

    Gays are always camp

    Blondes are always dumb

    I mean, most of these things are pretty true, yet not very PC.

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