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I compulsively buy things when I'm depressed?

Why do I do this? How do I stop?

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    It could be a number of things. It could be (if you don't overspend) a perfectly healthy coping mechanism--just "your thing" if you will. It could be that you buy into consumerism/materialism, whatever you want to name it. Maybe you feel the need to compensate for low self-esteem with an easy answer like outward success via status symbols, clothing, or any large expenditures because a "loser" couldn't afford such things. You might be trying to qualify yourself through what is your own personal path of least resistance---you've got money, you spend it, and bolster your confidence in the way that's most readily available to you. It could even be a more serious interpretation which I would give if you would first give me a more detailed explanation of what you think your problem might be. In two words, "go on?"

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    You do it because for a couple of hours it makes you feel better but it doesn't last, after a while you will feel even more depressed because you need to find out the root cause for your depression and if the depression is severe you need to get help from a good councelor. Reach out, accept help because if you are a compulsive buyer, you will

    a) end up with a lot of things that you don't need and you will turn into a hoarder if you keep them

    b) you buy things you like....but what happens to your money and do you pay with credit card?

    If you pay for your shopping with your credit card, you will get deep into debt... Don't use

    credit cards ever when shopping. Keep receipts and find out how much money you spend.

    c) apart from the depression you will have the ''addiction'' of being a shopaholic''

    Just allow a councelor to help you to figure out the root cause for your depression and if you only feel low once in a while, then instead of going shopping do something different.

    Join a hobby club, a sports club, go out and socialize and meet new people. Phone a friend when you feel down and ask him or her to come over, watch a happy movie together, go to a leisure club and work out there .. swimming or ask a friend to go and do some activity with you.. if you don't have many friends, then you can meet new people by going out there and joining a hobby club.

    Get a journal and write in it when you feel down... write about how you feel.

    Talk to someone about how you feel such as your best friend or your parents.

    Listen to some good music you like

    Lighten up your room with some of your favourite colours.. if that may be cushions or curtains or flowers... or a plant.

    Try to focus away from the depression when you feel it .. do some yoga and deep breathing.

    Let a friend emotionally raise you up.

    Go out amongst people and with someone you know but not to shop, just go to skate or to have a coffee with a friend at a coffee place you like and talk...

    If all this doesn't help for your depression then get the help of a counclor...

    You have no reason to feel ashamed if you are suffering from depression but you are worth it to get the help you need to lead a happier life where you don't have to try to feel better for a while by spending money compulsively.. because it's just like eating a lot of comfort food, that helps us for a while to feel better if we are stressed... we eat...then we find we have an added problem to the comfort eating... caused often by stress.. we get overweight and we lose self esteem even more...and we might get health problems.. there are many different kind of addiction and most people get started because they feel depressed... If you got drunk you would not solve your depression, you would make it a lot worse by becoming an addict to alcohol and then you would face problems like Charlie Sheen... from Two and a half men.. who thought all these years it's okay to drink as long as he can work.. now he got a contract as an actor which he signed.. that contract is for a series of this show.. he can't work right now and he has checked into rehab.

    Get help... you are worth it and stop the compulsive buying ... there are root causes behind it... such as depression and shopping compulsively won't cure the depression.. it will only put a little balm on an open wound.. you want long term results and results that don't ruin you financially and put you into serious debt... x

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    I buy a lot of things too...but not always when I'm depressed. It's mostly clothes, and although I feel good about getting things I like, having less money annoys me. Maybe you should give your money to a parent or relative to only give you when you really need it, that way you can't just spend, spend, spend.

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    Because you think buying nice things will make you feel happier.

    When you're feeling down, only take out a small amount of cash that you NEED. Never take out more than is needed.

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    this is a common symptom of being an amerikkkan imperialist consumer. perhaps it is because your culture is structured around creating emotional voids within to be filled with consumer products.

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    Buying essential things is not at all bad. But, in future, please don't buy confusions, doubts or fears. It is freely available everywhere.

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