Name Septuplets Using These Names? BQ's?

What would you name septuplets(7) using my favorite names? You may have one middle name or two middle names. You may pick the genders, but there must be at least one boy and one girl.





















~Soleil (So-LAY)

~Vera (VEER-uh)



























BQ: Do you prefer Vera or Vida?

BQ2: Do you prefer Anne or Annie?

BQ3: What are your least favorites from my girls list and boys list?

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    Aurora Scarlet Blair

    Violet Aurélia Brooke

    Rose Katarzyna Lauren

    Elijah Nathaniel Reid

    Micah Theodore Seth

    Alastair Matthew Rhys

    Rowan Finley Jude

    BQ: I prefer Vera.

    BQ: I prefer Annie

    BQ3: Least favourites are Anne, Emery, Soleil, Albus, Wesley

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  • Aurora Sage

    Leah Violet

    Paige Soleil

    Scarlett Rose

    Jude Augustine

    Nathaniel Leon

    Seth Rowan

    1. Vera, I do not like Vida at all.

    2. Annie, I prefer Anna but I like Annie. Anne sounds to old fashioned.

    3. Albus, Alastair, Matthew, Blair, Camille, Claire, Emery, Hallie, Katarzyna

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  • 9 years ago

    Blair Felicity

    Brooke Camille

    Alastair Theodore

    Garrett Cole

    Nathaniel Reid

    Wesley Micah

    Finley Matthew

    Blair, Brooke, Alastair, Garrett, Nate, Wesley, Finn

    BQ: Vera

    BQ2: Anne (but I like Anna best)


    Least favorite girls: Emery, Katarzyna, Paige, Vida

    Least favorite boys: Albus, Augustine, Malachi, Pierce

    For the most part, I like these!

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  • 9 years ago

    Scarlet Felicity Rose

    Leah Violet Paige

    Brendan Garrett Pierce

    Wesley Nathaniel Leon

    Seth Matthew Finley

    Emery Blair Lauren

    Camille Aurora Soleil

    BQ: Vida, it's more exotic

    BQ2: Anne, because the nickname could then be Annie

    BQ3: Girl- Aurelia & Katarzyna, Boy- Theodore & Malachi

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  • 9 years ago

    ~Rose Elodie

    ~Scarlet Aurélia

    ~Violet Claire

    ~Anne Felicity

    ~Finley Alastair

    ~Nathaniel Reid

    ~Theodore Jude

    Rose, Lettie, Vivi, Annie, Finn, Nathan, & Teddy.

    BQ: I prefer Vera but I do not dislike Vida. I also like the name Veronica with the nickname Vera.

    BQ2: I prefer Anne with the nickname Annie. Annie is adorable, but it doesn't sound exactly right for a professional. I also like the name Annabel with the nicknames Anne and Annie.

    BQ3: I don't hate any of the names on your list, but the ones that I do not like as much are Camille, Emery, Katarzyna, Lauren, Leah, Paige, Sage, and Soleil for girls and Albus, Brendan, Garrett, Malachi, and Micah for boys. They are still nice names. They are just not my style.

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  • 9 years ago

    Violet Aurora Blair ;)

    Scarlet Rose Soleil

    Nathaniel Rowan Brett

    Theodore Noah Seth

    Elijah Wesley Cole

    Alastair Finley Reid

    Matthew Micah Jude

    - Violet, Scarlet, Nathaniel, Theodore, Elijah, Alastair and Matthew

    (Ivy, Cara, Nate, Theo, Eli, Adair and Matt)


    1. Vera

    2. Annie

    3. Camille

    Emery (too masculine)





    Vera (only like the VAY-ruh pronunciation)








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  • - Rose Camille

    - Claire Lauren

    - Leah Felicity

    - Nathaniel Rhys

    - Theodore Wesley

    - Matthew Rowan

    - Brendan Seth

    BQ: Vera, I guess but I dislike both.

    BQ2: Anne but again, I dislike both.

    BQ3: For girls I really dislike Anne, Blair, Brooke, Emery, Katarzyna, Sage, Scarlett, Vera, Violet and Vida. For boys I really dislike Albus and Leon.

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  • Claire Felicity

    Rose Katarzyna

    Leah Violet

    Hallie Anne

    Elijah Rowan

    Noah Theodore

    Leon Malachi

    Nathaniel Micah

    BQ: Vera. I can only think of Vida as a Spanish word. I have a hard time thinking of it as a name.

    BQ2: Annie. I have Annie on my favorites list as a nickname for Antonia, my #3 girl's name.

    BQ3: I'll choose my bottom three for each gender: Aurora, Blair, Vida, Albus, Rhys, and Cole.

    ETA: Haha, obviously I can't count today! I just realized I made 8 combinations. Hope you don't mind. If you DO, then subtract...Elijah Rowan, I suppose.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Girls Least favorite

    Brooke madison Vera Wesley Rhys Albus Jude Elodie Sage

    leah Rae Annie

    Claire marie


    Cole mathew

    Reid Landon

    Brendan Carter

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  • Rose
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Aurora Soleil

    Selena Rose

    Claire Aurelia

    Felicity Violet

    Scarlet Anne

    Nathaniel Rhys

    Theodore Wesley

    BQ: Vera

    BQ 2: Annie is cuter

    BQ 3: vida, katarzyna, camille, elodie, emery sage

    Finley, jude, Malachi, rowan, Reid

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