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heather graham pozzessere wrote dark stranger, did she wite a sequal book, and if so what...?

...is the name of it

In Dark Stranger, it was about the Civil War, Kristen McCahy was from Missouri, caught between the north, and the south, her brother Mathew fought for the North, Kristen was forced to marry Cole Slater. In the end of the book (author's note) it talks of Malachi Slater, Cole" brother, and Shannon McCahy, " It says"

" For Cole, and Kristin, all those things were in the future. Cole was to have his own problems, but those are really part of Malachi, and Shannon's story, and must be told by them." I would like to know if that book was ever written, and if so what the name of it was, so I could go find it to read.

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    The series is:

    Dark Stranger 1993

    Rides a Hero 1989

    Apache Summer 1989

    You can find Rides a hero at amazon for a very low price:


    Finally Apache Summer is from a collection that is available trought Amazon too:


    Both prices are very good, but carefull with the price of the shipping.

    Remember to take a look to all the Heather Graham books sinsce there are several and seem to be very interesting.

    Good luck :)

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    Here's the Amazon site for her books:


    From a reader's post:

    Malachi's book is called "Rides A Hero", and Jamie's book is called "Apache Summer". They are both out of print but I would assume now that Dark Stranger was reprinted the other two will follow sometime.

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