B A B Y. N A M E. S U R V E Y ! :D?

1. What's your first & middle name?

2. Do you prefer one or two middle names? Explain :D

3. Rate & comment on my name... Meaghan Maureen Hill [LastNameGoesHere]

(Meaghan is Irish..cultural, Maureen is after my godmother, Hill would be the maiden name of my mom)

4. Rate & Comment on my sisters name: Jenna Elizabeth Hill [LastNameGoesHere]

5. What are your top 3 girl & boy names?

6. Rate AND comment on the names...

Emmaline Kate

Michelle Lorraine

Viola Kaye

7. Do you like the name Aurora? explain.

Middle name suggestions?

8. What do you want to name your kids?/Whatre your kid's names?

9. Do you think 'Mickie' is an acceptable nickname for Michelle?

10. Do you like the name Magdelene? Explain.

Middle name suggestions?

11. Rate AND comment on these names..

Connor Blake

Damon Taylor

12. Last...S T A R?!



Girls and boys(:









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  • 10 years ago
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    1. Victoria Rose Helen

    2. Hmm...I don't mind either but I prefer one. Though I have two middle names, having one is better in the long run especially when it comes to filling out forms etc.

    3. Meaghan Maureen Hill is okay, though none of the names are names that I'd personally go for. I'm also not a fan of the alliterated names, though together these two names flow with each other, as it does with the Hill. I like the fact that your middle names are after your mum and her side of the family, though I don't personally think I would've gone for Hill, even if it is your mother's maiden name. It just doesn't sound like a middle name, if I'm honest with you, though I respect the fact that it was chosen for a reason.

    4. Jenna Elizabeth Hill is really pretty, though I still don't personally like the 'Hill' part. However, Jenna and Elizabeth and truly beautiful and flow well.



    Isobel Mary

    Alice Iona

    Madeleine Ivy


    Lucas Andrew

    Zachary Thomas

    Benjamin Paul


    Emmeline Kate -- 9/10. I think this is a gorgeous combination and I love both names. Together they also flow really well, and I think that Emmy would be really nice nickname.

    Michelle Lorraine -- 4/10. Due to really personally reasons I can't stand the name Michelle. Lorraine, however, is a name that I've always been partial too though I'd only ever use it as a middle. Together they flow well-ish but it's not great.

    Viola Kaye -- 6/10. Viola is gorgeous but Kaye sounds too much of a nickname to be a name, either first or middle. The names also seem to clash with the sense of style they emit. Viola is classic, feminine and traditional whereas Kaye seems slightly trendy. Personally, I think that Viola Katherine would sound beautiful.

    7. I love this name, though I personally think it as more of a Guilty Pleasure name. However, I think it can work as a 'normal' name as well. As for middle name suggestions how about:

    -- Aurora Violet

    -- Aurora Charlotte

    -- Aurora Katherine/Kathleen

    -- Aurora Noelle

    -- Aurora Jane

    8. I'd like to name my children Isobel Mary, Madeleine Ivy, Lucas Andrew and Zachary Thomas. Naturally, though, I'm gonna probably have to compromise when I finally have children. The only thing they DON'T get a say in is the middle name of my first son, which is after my father who passed away when I was 5.

    9. Yeah, I think it'll work fine. It's different from the normal nicknames you can have. And though it's slightly boyish, it's not too bad.

    10. I love the name Magdalene! I think it's gorgeous. I currently have Phoebe Magdalene on my list, but as for a middle name suggestions how about:

    -- Magdalene Rose

    -- Magdalene Ivy

    -- Magdalene Charlotte

    -- Magdalene Alice

    -- Magdalene Grace


    Connor Blake -- 6/10. I like both names, but I'm just not feeling them together. They flow well and all, but I just wouldn't put them together personally.

    Damon Taylor -- 8/10. I actually love this combination and I adore both names. Together they sound great, and it's nice to see a well-known but not overly popular name being used as a first.

    12. Yeah, of course I will!

    BQ -

    Elena Katherine // Elliot Kyle

    Daphne Theresa // Daniel Thomas

    Violet Eve // Vance Elijah

    Grace Matilda // George Matthew

    Larissa Penelope Thea // Lucas Paul Timothy

    Georgina Marie Leanne // Graham Marcus Lyle

    Melissa Isobel Anne // Mitchell Isaac Ace



  • T
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    10 years ago

    1. Taylor Beth:)

    2. I prefer one because two is a mouthful. Although some do sound pretty with two.

    3. Meaghan Maureen Hill [LastNameGoesHere] : The "Hill" sounds like the last name already, probably because it is a last name. Meaghan is pretty, a little common, but pretty. Maureen is not my style at all, it's too old. But together it sounds good. Maybe without Hill.

    4. Jenna Elizabeth Hill [LastNameGoesHere] : I love the name Jenna. Elizabeth sounds very nice too, flows well and is pretty. This is already your sister's name, so you can't change it (well, you could...), but again with "Hill." I don't see the point really.

    5. Girls : Teagan Olivia, Troian Lee, Koah Tierney

    Boys : Talik Ryan, Kyle Jersey, Deagan Matthew



    Emmaline Kate : I don't really like the name Emma or most forms, but this is really pretty. Emmaline is cute and I guess the nickname could be Emma (if it MUST!) Kate isn't too much for it and is the perfect middle name. 9/10

    Michelle Lorraine : I don't like the name Michelle that much. Lorraine isn't my favorite either. 1/10

    Viola Kaye : The first name, although I know is pronounced Vi-Oh-Lah, at first, looks like Voila Wah-lah. Sorry. Kaye is pretty, but it's a last name. It's ok. 4/10

    7. I LOVE the name Aurora, and the nickname Rory is so cute!

    Middle name suggestions :

    Aurora Jade

    Aurora June

    Aurora Marie

    Aurora May

    Aurora Rayne

    Aurora Leeann

    Aurora Melanie

    Aurora Sage

    Aurora Paige

    Aurora Lee

    Aurora Joy

    Aurora Belle

    Aurora Olivia

    8. I don't have any kids yet, but when I'm old enough I will be having one or two. So if it's a girl, she'll be Teagan Olivia. If it's a boy, he'll be Talik Ryan. If I have two girls, they'll be Teagan Olivia & Troian Lee. If I have two boys, they'll be Talik Ryan & Kyle Jersey.

    9. I have never met a Michelle, so I couldn't tell you that I know someone called "Mickey". But it's logical, you could also call them "Shell"

    10. I don't like the name Magdelene, but I like Magdelena. You can call her "Mag" or "Maggie."

    Middle name suggestions :

    Magdelene Ivy

    Magdelene Grace

    Magdelene Taylor

    Magdelene Anna

    Magdelene Sophia

    This one is hard!

    11. Connor Blake : Very cute, I don't have anything to say about it! 10/10

    Damon Taylor : I like it. Not only because it has my name in it, but b/c it's cute. 10/10

    12. Last...S T A R?! OF COURSE!



    EK : Ellie Kate & Elijah Kaleb

    DT : Danica Taralyn & Dalton Tyler

    VE : Vera Ellisa & Vince Evan

    GM : Georgia Marie & Gavin Michael

    LPT : Lola Penelope Tammin & Lukas Paul Tyler

    GML : Gemma Marie Laine & George Michael Louis

    MIA : Maci Illisa Anne & Micah Ivan Anthony


  • Shea
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    10 years ago

    Shailynne Joy

    I like two middle names. The one middle name is okay, but with the names I like, the two just looks and sounds better.

    Meaghan Maureen Hill. I really like Meaghan. I don't like Maureen. I don't really like the the way it's MM. But it's alright. Hill is more of a second last name, so it doesn't really make a difference. I'd give it a 6 out of 10(:

    Jenna Elizabeth Hill. I like this a lot better. I love Elisabeth and Jenna is okay. 8 out of 10(:

    Girls -

    Emilie Jayne

    Charlotte Elisabeth Ginevra

    Shealyn Elisabeth Johanna

    Boys -

    Oliver James Andrew

    Tarek Kaden Malachy

    James Alexander Rupert

    Emmaline Kate - Eh, I don't really like Emmaline, and Kate is a nickname to me. So 6/10

    Michelle Lorraine - Michelle is okay. But I don't like Lorraine. 7/10

    Viola Kaye - Don't like anything about this... D:

    I do like Aurora(: It's not common and it sounds adorable. Aurora Claire is cute.

    I'd want to name my kids one of the names that I listed up there. Although, I wouldn't name one Oliver James and the other James Alexander Rupert...They'd obviously all have different names. (:

    I think Mickie would be an acceptable nickname for Michelle(:

    I don't like Magdelene at all....It just doesn't look nice and sounds kinda ugly. I can't even think of any nicknames that would work with it.

    I like Connor Blake(: 9/10

    I don't like Damon Taylor....4/10. I like Damien Tyler though..

    GIRL | BOY

    Emilie Katherine | Ethan Kayde

    Danielle Taylor | Damien Tyler

    Vanessa Erika | Victor Erich

    Gemma Madeline | George Michael

    Luna Peyton Taylor | Leonardo Parker Thomas

    Ginevra Meredith Luna | Gregory Matthew Larson

    Micaela Isis Arabella | Mason Isaac Andrew

  • 1. Emily Rose

    2. It depends because sometimes it flows nicely and sometimes it's just a mouthful.

    3. I like Meaghan spelled the more trendy way (Megan). I just don'y like that extra H in there. Maureen is ok.

    4. I like Jenna but I've never really like Elizabeth,

    5. boys- Sam Nathaniel, Jensen Ross & Jasper Lane // girls- Elliette Makiya, Angela Holly & Michaela Sadie.

    6. Emmaline Kate- Im not sure about this one since everyone pronounces it differently. Pronounced, Emma-line: 7 & Emma-lynn: 9.

    Michelle Lorraine- not a fan of either but it flows so 6

    Viola Kaye- 9 this one is nice(:

    7. I feel like Aurora is a mouthful to say.

    8. I want 3 boys and 1 girl. Jensen Ross & Jasper Lane (they would be twins). Sam Nathaniel & Elliette Makiya

    9. Sure!

    10.There was a girl in my class with that name. No one could figure out how to say it correctly until the year was half over...

    11. Connor Blake -very nice. i love Blake. Connor is lovely too. 9

    Damon Taylor -10. i loove both names!

    12. Last...S T A R?!



    Elliette Kay & Elijah Kendal

    Darcy Tate & Dean Taylor

    Vienna Evangeline & Vincent Emmett

    Genevieve Michaela & Greyson Michael

    Lilith Peyton Tyler & Leland Prosper Trace

    Genevieve Micah Lane & Gregory Mason Lane

    Maya Isabelle Alyssa & Myles Ivan Andrew


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  • Kaya
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    1. Chloe-Marie. Double barrel. No middle name.

    2. I think two middle names is great. I love long names if they're good ones. It's just classy and stunning. Wish I had a middle name. Hehehe.

    3. 8/10 Meaghan - Lovely lovely lovely.

    Maureen - not one of my favorite names but I did read a book with a lovely character called Maureen in it, and namesakes are always fantastic.

    Hill- Lovely! It's so peaceful and pretty

    and the overall flow of your name is amazing too.

    4. 7.5 /10

    Jenna - Pretty but a bit common

    Elizabeth - same thing as Jenna

    Hill - see above

    once again though, good flow.

    5. Girls: June Caroline Ellis (lastname)

    Corinne Janelle Eve (lastname)

    Coralie Rozanne Hazel (lastname)

    Boys: Thomas Alexander Mars (lastname)

    Leo Cole Nicholas (lastname)

    Karl August Jones (lastname)

    Crazy rockstar-ish / hippyish / traditional

    6. Emmaline Kate - Pretty and unique. I like Emmaline a lot and Kate is a classic middle name.


    Michelle Lorraine - Nice! 8/10. I'd also like Marcelline Lorraine.

    Viola Kaye - Reminds me of Shakespeare. Very romantic sounding, nice contrast with Kaye.


    8. I don't want kids but if I did I would probably go for my favorite names :)

    9. Mickie is fine. It's a bit masculine for me though and I prefer Michy or Elle.

    10. Magdalene. Yes. I like it. I'm not sure why. Magdalene Eve, Magdalene Dawn

    11. Connor Blake - 7/10. Nice and strong. Irish sounding.

    Damon Taylor - 7/10 ^^^^^

    12. Alright!


    Evelyn Karina and Elliot Kai

    Dianne Tayla and Damien Thor

    Viviene Elise and Valentino Elliot

    Giulia Morgan and Gerrard Michael

    Larissa Paige Teal

    Leo Patrick Thomas

    Giulia Morgan Leigh and Gerrard Michael Lane

    Melissa Indigo Autumn and Morris Ian August

    This was fuuuun and time consuming :D

  • Kendra
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    1) Kendra Scarlett.

    2) No, I think it's pretentious.

    3) I don't feel the need for Hill, the rest is fine.

    4) Again, Hill? Why do you both have it? It sounds stupid.

    5) Ezra, Nathaniel, and Sebastian.

    Evelina, Stella, and Violet.

    6) I love Emmeline Kate - 9/10.

    Michelle Lorraine- 5/10. Both older names. I don't care for either.

    Viola Kaye - 3/10. Again I don't care for either what about Violet Katherine?

    7) I love Aurora. It's pretty:) Aurora Juliet.

    8) Evelina Juliet and Ezra Blake.

    9) Yeah, I know someone who goes by Mickey.

    10) It's okay. I think of Mary Magdalene. Magdalene Rose.

    11) I like Connor Blake 9/10. It's a strong name.

    Damon Taylor is okay what about Damon Tyler?


    Evelina Katherine

    Delilah Trinity

    Violet Elizabeth

    Geneveive Marina

    Leighton Paige Tansy

    Giselle Madeline Lily

    Melody Ivy Anastasia


    Ezra Keegan

    Dominic Tyler

    Victor Elijah

    Gerard Michael

    Levi Patrick Tucker

    Gideon Micah Lucas

    Mason Ian Anthony

  • Teresa
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    1. Maria Teresa

    2. One! That's how it works where I'm from!

    3. It's a pretty name, I'm not crazy about Meaghan but it's still pretty! Maureen is beautiful.

    4. I LOVE your sister's name! I love Elizabeth and Jenna is also pretty, they go well together.

    5. Girl: Clara, Violet, Melody; Boy: Noah, David, Joshua

    6. Emmaline Kate 5/10, I don't like Emmaline

    Michelle Lorraine 7/10, it's pretty!

    Viola Kaye 8/10, it's beautiful! Viola is how you say guitar in portuguese, so it has a special meaning to me :)

    7. I like Aurora! Middle names: Marie, Lee, Joy, Fay, Paige

    8. I want to have 3 or 4 kids, but I only know that my first girl will be named Clara :)

    9. Yep, it's gorgeous!

    10. I don't like Magdalene much! Magdalene Mae, Rae

    11. I love both!!! They're awesome!

  • 10 years ago

    1. Erin Alyssa

    2. One middle name. Two sound good until you add a surname, and then it just sounds like overkill.

    3. I think it's pretty, especially because you're Irish.

    4. Jenna Elizabeth Hill: 8/10. I like Jenna, and it's a nice solid name.

    5. Girls: Andrea, Chelsea, Tara. Boys: Nathaniel, Connor, Wesley.

    6. Emmaline Kate: 5/10.

    Michelle Lorraine: 4/10.

    Viola Kaye: 3/10.

    7. I think it's pretty. Rory is a cute nickname, and I've always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis. I like Aurora Lindsay.

    8. I'm not planning on having kids, but if I did, I would name my first daughter Andrea Natalie, my second would be Chelsea Aileen, my first son would be Nathaniel Cody, and my second son would Connor Wesley.

    9. I don't like it, but if a girl named Michelle likes it, fine.

    10. I like many Biblical names, but I don't like Magdalene because I think it's too long and clunky.

    11. Connor Blake: 10/10. Connor is one of my favorite names. Damon Taylor: 8/10. Damon isn't my style but the names sound good together.


    Elena Kate & Eric Kevin

    Daniela Taryn & Dana Thomas

    Victoria Elise & Vance Evan

    Gianna Mallory & Garrett Micah

  • Claire
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    1. Callie Claire

    2. I like 2 if the first name is short, or 1 if it is long.

    3. I dont love Maureen, but Meaghan is good, and Hill is fine.

    4.I love her name.

    5. Victoria, Evangeline, and Beatrice

    Matthew, Nathaniel, and Robert Daniel

    6.Emmaline Kate-Pretty

    Michelle Lorraine-Tacky. Michelle is ugly

    Viola Kay-BOth are fake names

    7. Aurora is pretty. Aurora Piper, Aurora Paige, Aurora Claire

    8. Victoria, Evangeline, Florence, Beatrice and Matthew

    9. No. It is too far of a stretch and it is not pretty

    10. Magdalene is nice, I prefer Magdelena. Magdelena Grace, Magdelena Elise

    11. Connor Blake-Love this

    Damon Taylor-Both are unisex...so-so

    Evangeline Kate

    Dorothy Tess

    Victoria Elise

    Georgia Michaela

    Logan-Paul Thomas

    George Matthew-Liam

    Mark Ian-Alexander

  • 1. Jessa Cathleen

    2. One middle name because I don't find the need for two it is just not needed.

    3. I do not like when the first and middle names start with the same letter. Meaghan and Maureen are not terrible names they are just not my style.

    4. Jenna again is not my style and Elizabeth is a lovely middle name but I don't like how you both have Hill in your name.

    5. Boy: Luke William, Kendall James and Cameron Elias

    Girls: Hannah Christine, Vanessa Raine and Keira Jeanette

    6. Emmaline Kate flows really well and I like the nick name Emmy but not Emma

    Viola is not attractive in my opinion at all.

    Michelle is my daughters middle name but I don't like it as a first name.

    7. Aurora Genevieve is a gorgeous name I love it! It is classic and beautiful but still elegant and adorable.

    8. I have three kids named Scarlett Nicole, Arianna Michelle and Jude Alexander.

    9. No I don't think so.

    10. I don't even no how to pronounce it?

    11. I love, love both Connor and Damon and their middle names flow so well with them.


    Evan Kenneth and Ella Katherine

    Dylan Thomas <3 and Deanna Tahlia

    Vincent Elijah "Vince" and Vanessa Elaine

    Gabriel Micah "Gabe" and Gianna Michelle

    Luke Peter Timothy and Lilah Penelope Tiffany

    Gage Michael Liam and Gemma Miranda Lorainne

    Mitchell Ian Alexander "Mitch" and Marissa Isabelle Anya

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