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I want to be a foreign exchange student?

Okay, so yesterday, our school was hosting the Rotary International Festival for our county. There were about 43 students from all around the world. There were countries like, France, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Haiti, Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, India, Australia... and a couple more.

There was a guy who told me that, for people to wanted to be exchange students, there were about 18 different countries you could choose from. I'm interested in going to Scotland, Italy, France, or Great Britain... I know that Italy is available, but I really want to go to Scotland. I forgot to ask the guy what countries were actually available.

Does anyone know if Scotland is available to visit for my region? I live in Tompkins County in central New York (it's where Cornell University is)

P.S.- I am 13, and I can do this program when I become a sophomore or a junior.


I know the pricing, I know nothing free. It's a little expensive. But I asked my parents, and they really encourage me to do this.

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    I am currently a Rotary International Exchange Student!

    I'm 16, and I'm American.

    1st of all, Rotary is the cheapest option you will be able to find. Hopefully you'll be wanting to do a full-year exchange, as I am, because a lot of districts don't even offer half year exchanges. And in my personal opinion, half-year exchanges are totally NOT worth it. if that's you're only option, you'd be better to just stay home.

    2nd, it's good you're getting started this early. I was 15 when i decided to go on exchange, and applied not even knowing if this was what i really should do. but even if you're just considering it, APPLY!

    3rd, you will probably not get your 1st country. I don't know anyone that got their 1st country. I got my 4th, Denmark. My good friend is in Italy, her second choice, and she is one of the very few Americans living in Italy (it's a very sought after country, very few RYE students get it!)

    I don't know any Americans living in other english-speaking countries, and I know A LOT of exchange students.

    If you'd really like to go to just ONE country, you should look into another program, because nothing is written in stone with Rotary. I didn't even know who was picking me up in the airport when i flew out! You just have to kind of learn to trust them, because they're the best international program ever!

    4th, go to a non-english speaking country! don't limit yourself. learning Danish has been such an adventure, and if you choose a Northern European country, then a lot of people will speak english anyways. i may be biased, but i think that you should choose DENMARK! best country in the world. love it here, never want to go home.

    5th, Danish Rotary offers a Europe Tour for 3 weeks in May. i'll be going to France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands, for a very decent price!

    6th, i would recommend being a RYE student your Junior year. Sophomore is too early, most countries won't even let you come if you're under 16. There are some very flexible countries, like Turkey, Denmark, and Brazil (brazil will take anybody!), but most have very strict rules about who comes into their country, some even require you to have learned their language (France, you must have 2 years of French, same with Belgium. You must have 2 years of German to go to Germany)

    okay, i've written a lot. but i love exchange students. and if you're parents are even being that supportive, DO IT! you'll never regret it. don't count on Scotland or GB being available- you will probably not go there. France or Italy are more likely, but i would really recommend taking a chance, going to a country that you know nothing about. That's even more impressive than doing something safe and well-known. And even if the USA is accepting students from those countries, they probably aren't sending any kids out to those countries. so just keep an open-mind when choosing countries.

    if you ever hear from that Danish exchange student again, tell them that I live on Bornholm, and that i love their country :D

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    I was looking for a kid to host. Im 15, and im Italian.( in Bari, the southern part of Italy )

    I would so much like to take part of an exchange program :) If you would like to know more, lemme know, add me up on fb on my public profile Amministratrice Twilighters ( then im going to give ya my email, if you want to ^^ )


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    Maybe you should be asking, how much does it cost? Nothing is free?

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