Rate These Names One-Ten?

Rate these names 1-10 and what you like/dislike about them. :)

Juliette Elisabeth

Amy Dianne

Kailey Marie

Beth Anne

Charlotte Natalie

Emily Grace

Ashlynne Emma

Zoe Chrachella

thanks youu!

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  • 9 years ago
    Best Answer

    Juliette Elisabeth - 8

    Amy Dianne -6

    Kailey Marie -7

    Beth Anne -5

    Charlotte Natalie -8

    Emily Grace -6

    Ashlynne Emma -8

    Zoe Chrachella -9

  • Juliette Elisabeth: 9/10. I love the way it sounds, but I prefer Elizabeth over Elisabeth.

    Amy Dianne: 7/10. I like it okay, but it's not my favorite.

    Kailey Marie: 1/10. I hate Kaylee, Kailey, Kaileigh, etc. And Marie is one of the most popular middle names ever.

    Beth Anne: 5/10. I like it okay. I've never been a fan of Beth, but it sounds cute together.

    Charlotte Natalie: 6/10. Love Charlotte. I'm not that big a fan of Natalie with it.

    Emily Grace: 1/10. It's like Kailey Marie. I just don't like it.

    Ashlynne Emma: 1/10. I know a ton of girls named Ashlynn/Ashlynne, and a ton of girls named Emma. All of them were pretty hateful. That might have something to do with it.

    Zoe Chracella: 6/10. Love Zoe. I'm not a fan of Chracella.

  • Laura
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Juliette Elisabeth(7)- Juliette is very pretty I just prefer it spelled Juliet. Elisabeth is great and I love this name but I prefer it spelled Elizabeth. Spelled Juliet Elizabeth I would have rated it a 9!

    Amy Dianne(5) Eh its ok, alittle to bland for my taste. Try Amy Deanna? That sounds better not so plain anymore...

    Kailey Marie(8) Kailey is gorgeous its cute with Marie but I prefer Kailey Grace :)

    Beth Anne(4) Beth is more of a nickname for the names Bethany or Elizabeth and Anne is not one of my favorite names..

    Charlotte Natalie(5) Charlotte is beautiful but paired with Natalie it does not flow well at all. Try Charlotte Virginia now that would have been a 10 :)

    Emily Grace(10) Simple, Pretty, and one of my favorite girl names!

    Ashlynne Emma(3) Ashlynne is pretty and Emma is very nice as well but togehter they clash horribly try Ashlynne Jane or Emma Blaire, And Ashlynne is spelled kinda weird.. try Ashlyn or Ashlin

    Zoe Chrachella(0) Zoe is not a pretty name to me and Im not sure if you missspelled the name Chrachella or what but it sounds pretty bad and i cant pronounce it :(

  • bree
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Juliette Elisabeth - 8

    Amy Dianne - 8

    Kailey Marie - 10

    Beth Anne - 7

    Charlotte Natalie - 10

    Emily Grace - 10

    Ashlynne Emma - 8

    Zoe Chrachella - 8


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  • basant
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Mischa Rae - 2/10 (9/10 if she would be a lap dancer interior the destiny) Stacie Willow - 2.5/10 (8/10 if we've been living interior the Nineteen 1920s, yet even then, you may spell it "Stacy") Corissa Jayde - a million/10 (0.5/10 in accordance to Yahoo's spell checker because of the fact "Jayde" is undeniable incorrect) Evie Mikayla - 2/10 (10/10 if she would be a dominatrix) Rosalie Grace - 5/10 (no remark) Adrian Lucas - 3/10 (no remark) Ashton Wyatt - 4/10 (i'm partial for the Ashton yet Wyatt? the place did that come from?) Xavier Michael - 3/10 (no lawsuits approximately Michael yet Xavier? the way you pronounce that maintains to be arguable) Dimitri Elliott - 2/10 (9/10 if he has Russian royal blood in him) Ethan Miles - 5/10 (risk-free and sound)

  • 9 years ago

    juliette elisabeth-7

    amy dianne-8

    kailey marie-10

    beth anne-6

    charlotte natalie-7

    emily grace-7

    ashlynne emma-10

    zoe chrachella-8

    this is just my opinion, i like different names than you do. so it doesn't really matter what i think=)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They all get a 10 I love them

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They are all very good, but beth i don't thinks that's a good name, my favorite is Emily Grace

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