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Herpes or Yeast Infection?

I had sex in beginning of November. 2 weeks ago I began to get itchy in my vagina and burning. There is also that discharge of a yeast infection. I looked and saw no sores bumps or anything on my vagina. I also don't feel sick or any flu symptoms which I saw is a herpes symptom. What could it be?

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    It looks like yeast infection. In case of yeast infection you should boost your immune system first. As a natural health practitioner, i always appreciate natural substances as they are safe and effective and do not give any side effects.

    To boost immunity, you should take lysine supplements.

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    Dont be afraid to head on your medical professional! Only she will deliver you the peace of brain of realizing for definite, however it sounds to me like a yeast contamination. If you've gotten angry that field so badly with scratching you without doubt would have triggered a few uncooked places. Yeast infections can gift in lots of extraordinary methods. Also, simply seeing that you used a condom, does no longer imply you're one hundred% included from stds:( Get your self looked at. You will suppose bigger with a truly analysis! Good success!

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