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can anyone help me to find some fate Quote in Oedipus The king and explain them

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    "it was his fate that he should die a victim

    at the hands of his own son"

    (Jocasta relates the prophecy that was told to Laius before the birth of Oedipus.Oedipus will murder his father)


    I go, but first will tell thee why I came.

    Thy frown I dread not, for thou canst not harm me.

    Hear then: this man whom thou hast sought to arrest

    With threats and warrants this long while, the wretch

    Who murdered Laius--that man is here.

    He passes for an alien in the land

    But soon shall prove a Theban, native born.

    And yet his fortune brings him little joy;

    For blind of seeing, clad in beggar's weeds,

    For purple robes, and leaning on his staff,

    To a strange land he soon shall grope his way.

    And of the children, inmates of his home,

    He shall be proved the brother and the sire,

    Of her who bare him son and husband both,

    Co-partner, and assassin of his sire.

    Go in and ponder this, and if thou find

    That I have missed the mark, henceforth declare

    I have no wit nor skill in prophecy. (444-461)

    (Teiresias expresses confidence in his ability to prophesy. While Oedipus wavers in his will, Teiresias stands firm. This represents the strength of fate over the weakness of man.)


    And thou shalt not be frustrate of thy wish.

    Now my imaginings have gone so far.

    Who has a higher claim that thou to hear

    My tale of dire adventures? Listen then.

    My sire was Polybus of Corinth, and

    My mother Merope, a Dorian;

    And I was held the foremost citizen,

    Till a strange thing befell me, strange indeed,

    Yet scarce deserving all the heat it stirred.

    A roisterer at some banquet, flown with wine,

    Shouted "Thou art not true son of thy sire."

    It irked me, but I stomached for the nonce

    The insult; on the morrow I sought out

    My mother and my sire and questioned them.

    They were indignant at the random slur

    Cast on my parentage and did their best

    To comfort me, but still the venomed barb

    Rankled, for still the scandal spread and grew.


    (For a man who doesn’t believe in fate now, Oedipus demonstrated a lot of faith in prophecy when he was younger.)


    Let the storm burst, my fixed resolve still holds,

    To learn my lineage, be it ne'er so low.

    It may be she with all a woman's pride

    Thinks scorn of my base parentage. But I

    Who rank myself as Fortune's favorite child,

    The giver of good gifts, shall not be shamed.

    She is my mother and the changing moons

    My brethren, and with them I wax and wane.

    Thus sprung why should I fear to trace my birth?

    Nothing can make me other than I am. (1077-1086)

    (While Oedipus’s fate of killing his father and sleeping with his mother is sealed, he only learns that he has fulfilled his fate through persistent searching. Therefore, it is his fault that the tragedy is discovered, not the fault of fate.)

    Source(s): wikipedia
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