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Hard Food or Canned Food? (dogs)?

We've had a miniature dachshund for a month now. She's 13 weeks. We've been feeding her Eukanyumba puppy food this entire time. Yesterday we wanted to see how she liked canned food and so we got her some (i think) Proplan canned puppy food. When i gave her the canned food this morning, she ate it ALL up, and didn't stop the entire time.

What are the Pros and Cons to Hard Food/Canned Food?


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    If the puppy is eating dry kibble just fine, there is NO reason to add any wet food at all.

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    It used to be thought that crunchy food was better for keeping their teeth clean, but that has since been proven incorrect. It really doesn't matter which kind you feed, but it's more important to give him a high quality food, which may be expensive. Also, a sudden switch from whatever he was eating before could upset his stomach, so you should make the change slowly-- mix a small amount of the new food in with a lot of the old, and gradually change the proportions over a couple of weeks until he's eating the new stuff. Canned food, being wetter, could cause his stools to be looser, which is a mess if he's not housebroken. Dry food is not necessarily an more natural than canned. You might want to ask your vet what he or she recommends.

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    I feed both to my dogs as well as table food, raw food, etc. My dogs like a varied diet and I feel that it's good for them. On the other hand, there are many dogs who do just fine on a single diet for their entire lives. There really isn't any pros or cons as long as the food is good quality and you can afford to feed it. The biggest issue with a total canned food diet besides the expense, is the potential for dental issues later on.

  • Canned food is no worse for teeth than dry kibble. Contrary to popular belief kibble does NOT clean teeth. This is evidenced by the poor state of dental health in pets, if kibble actually cleaned teeth dogs and cats wouldn't have gum disease by the age of 2-3 years old.

    Dogs and cats are also designed to get a good amount of their water from their food. They aren't designed to eat dry pellets. Many live in state of dehydration because they can't make up for the loss of water in their food by drinking it.

    If you want to feed commercial foods, feed a mix of high quality canned and high quality kibble. Feed a rotation of protein sources as well.

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    As long as you keep it interesting it doesn't matter. If you only feed your puppy the same food everyday - though she'll still wolf it down - will get bored and be prone to stealing.

    Wet food will tend to give floppier poo so dry food is still important for a happy belly.

    Mix it up with varying quantities of each and keep an eye on how it affects her digestion, just so she stays interested!

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    Mix them. The wetter the food, the wetter the poo. I have a Rottweiler and He, like your puppy, DEVOURS the wet food. But then he gets the runs. So I mix his dry food with wet food 3/1. You don't always have to do that either. Try feeding her dry food and put a little olive oil on it.

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    I personally think that dry food is fine by itself. You can add a little bit of wet food if you want and your dog seems to enjoy it. The only thing I would say is that canned food can give the dog dirty teeth when they are older. So with a mixture of wet and dry can help remove the plaque from the teeth while giving a tasty meal at the same time.

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    I only give canned food for special occasions, and i mix it in with the dry. It's expensive, and not good for their teeth. I wouldnt spoil your puppy with it, she may get used to the yummy taste of the canned food, and not eat her hard food. While she's young the hard food will also help her through her teething, and her need to chew on everything. Hope this helps.

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    •Canned dog food tends to contain higher values of protein, moisture and vitamins. See below, for important information on how to make a true wet vs. dry dog food comparison of the guaranteed analysis panel.

    •Most dogs, and particularly finicky eaters, usually find canned dog food more appetizing than dry kibble, as it is very flavorful.

    •Canned dog food is less processed.

    •There is no need to chemically preserve wet dog food, so it generally tends to contain less chemical preservatives.

    •Senior dogs, small dog breeds, and dogs with dental problems find it easier to chew soft food.

    •Unopened canned dog foods have a far longer shelf life, and may be purchased in bulk quantities.


    •Once opened, canned dog food can spoil quickly, so it should never be left in the animal's bowl for long periods of time. Any remaining canned dog food must be refrigerated and used within a maximum of three days. Throw out the rest!

    •Wet dog food is generally pricier than kibble. This could be an important factor to consider particularly if you have a large breed dog.

    •Once your dog has developed a taste for moist dog food, you may have difficulty transitioning him to dry, if ever necessary.

    ...Plus you will have to either brush the teeth daily and make sure he gets plenty of hard bones to chew and more dental problems..So cleanings will be more often..

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    I use hard and soft for my dogs. I used to use only soft, and they never had runny poop, but hard dog food is cheaper, even the expensive brands, so that's why I started using it. If your dog will eat dry dog food, take advantage of that. I may have made a monster out of one of my dogs because when I give her hard dog food, she picks it out and spits it onto the floor beside her plate.

    Source(s): I have two little dogs -- little dogs can pickier. :)
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    When I got my cat, my friend told me to never start on canned food because it is so expensive and hard to buy and store. She told me that once they get used to canned they'll never go back to dry, so just don't start. It was good advice, my cat loves her dry food and won't eat anything else and it costs 5 dollars for a month supply, where 5 dollars wouldn't last a week in canned food.

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