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C. D asked in SportsCycling · 9 years ago

AS far as stationary bicycles, what are the particular reasons to use?

the UPRIGHT exercize bike opposed to the RECUMBANT exercize bike???? I am looking to purchase a cheap one......want to burn hip/tummy fat but have bad legs....Thanks......


I mean, my knees are starting to get pissed off as ive jogged/sports/more over the years and im 45 and do some long walks.......(Saying not 'handicapped" just, think Id do better on a bike than say out running for awhile...THank you.

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  • John M
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    9 years ago
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    Cycling is very easy on the knees if you do it right. Start out with an easy 10 min warm up and then start pedaling 70-90 rpm's with just enough resistance to get you heart rate to about 70-85% of max. That is the best fat burning zone. If you have a bicycle buy a trainer you can get a good one for as low as $80. If you don't have a bike get one, stationary bikes are very boring and I cant stand to be on one for more then a hour. Riding outdoors where you actually go someplace is a lot more fun. I can ride for hours on rail trails and burn a ton of calories.

    If you plan on buying a bike or have one get the upright it will keep your butt in training for the real thing. Stationary bikes are so boring people buy them and never use them so look for a used one in the local ebay or craigs list. You can find them at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for cheap.

    The real secret to losing weight is to eat healthy and less. Exercise is the other half.

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  • 9 years ago

    C. D

    A good choice is biking. It is very kind to the joints. It is virtually non-impact in nature.

    I am bone-on-bone, and ride daily. I save my impact for my ref schedule. I ride as much as possible on my regular bike. When it gets cold and wet, I choose a regular stationary bike at the Fitness Center.

    You need to ride properly to avoid the 'medical' dangers of riding incorrectly. You need to learn to spin at 70+ rpm, with MODERATE pedal pressure. Spin, or ride, for a one hour.

    The only time I feel pain is when riding, is when I am going up a steep hill. This is due to the high pedal pressure... kind of like raising the incline to maximum on a treadmill.

    You do not have to give up the out of doors, or the fun, get a bike and ride outside. Use the stationary bike for the late evenings. IF you want this for weight loss try an elliptical rather than the trainer .... AND, make sure you use either of these with a good diet.

    So, either trainer is o.k., but a recumbent is best for a bad back. Second, use a bike and enjoy the exercise. Diet. But most important, learn how to ride properly... read up, or ask on this forum, about 'spinning' and shifting.


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  • 9 years ago

    The same basic reason as a real bicycle - exercise! Any exercise beats no exercise. Having arthritis in the lower back & knees myself, a bicycle outside or a bicycle with indoor trainer is my "therapy". And it's 10 times easier than walking - at least for me.

    However, cycling will NOT target belly fat. Cycling is a cardiovascular work-out which increases stamina, tones legs muscles & burns fat proportionately all over. Key word - "proportionately". Diet is just as - if not more important than exercise alone. Combine both. To burn belly fat, do exercises that target the core area.

    I recommend a real bicycle during warmer months and a real bicycle on a trainer in the winter. Best ones are made by CycleOps. Use a slick tread rear tire to keep it quiet.

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  • KenK
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Just opinion, the recumbent bikes are better for obese people and if you want to exercise slower and longer, and want to read or watch TV. The normal bike is better for fitter people and more strenuous work out and involving slightly more muscles. Go to a fitness center and just watch how people use them differently. Oh, and the upright bike also conditions your crotch for "real" bike riding, which might be something to work into your commute schedule.

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