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Why does my sign-in seal appear only once after setting it up?

I even changed my password and re-installed the seal, in case someone got my password, but again, the seal appeared only one time - all subsequent logins don't show the seal. Note that this is a stand alone computer with only one user account.How can it be made to workwork? Thanks, in advance.

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    I think there is a problem with this issue it never used to disappear and once was set it remained. Recently I've also noticed that when you set a "seal" it disappears when you log out and despite how many times you re-set it, it disappears again.

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    While the sign-in seal SHOULD remain, due to being a 'durable' cookie stored on your system. It is not the type that normally is wiped when cache is cleared. But even Yahoo admits that some browsers WILL clear out even this type of cookie - and therefore your sign-in seal will vanish if that is the case. I've seen postings on the web by users of the updated Firefox mentioning this, as well as issues with whatever browser Windows7 defaults to. So - try this - use a different browser, make the seal and try it that way. If it holds - you know it is simply something that your browser is doing to delete the 'durable' cookie. In which case, you would need to find a discussion board for your browser and ask there how to prevent this.

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