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My WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode 86 (Rate and Review) + When will Tyler Black debut in the WWE?

* Video of the World Heavyweight Championshp match from last week, and tonight Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett take on World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Kofi Kingston and The Big Show.

* Out comes Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio says "My Name is... Alberto Del Riooo.. but you, you already knew that, and this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber Edge will put his title on the line against 5 other men, I may not face Edge at WrestleMania, I may face Dolph Ziggler, the little chewawa Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre or even the big red monster Kane. Then Edge comes out and says "I may be the champion ,or not, But you will never see me coming for you, Edge then spears Del Rio to end the segment. Ziggler then comes out and tries to get Edge but then he escapes. Vickie then appears with a neck brace on the titantron and says "The spear is also bannded tonight"

* Booker T, Cole and Josh Matthews at ringside and they preview tonight's matches which include: Rey Mysterio taking on Cody Rhodes, Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix and also The referee for the Big Show vs. Ezekial Jackson to be announced tonight on SmackDown.

* Match 1: Singles Match

Michelle McCool w/Layla defeated. Beth Phoenix w/Divas Champion Eve

* The Big Show comes out and says "The Corre, when you debuted, you took out the Biggest guy on the roster, I'm 441 pounds, I'm 7 foot tall, I'm a mad son of a *****, and this Sunday at the Chamber Event, I will destory Ezekial Jackson.

Ezekial Jackson and the rest of the Corre without Barrett come out and Jackson says "In 48 hours, I will chop you down into two pieces, because I am the Extravagaence, of this show, I am an Athelete"


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Diesel comes out and reveals himself as the guest referee for the match at Elimination Chamber.

* Match 2: Singles Match

Kane vs. Drew McIntyre went to a a No Contest: McIntyre and Kane went at it back and fourth until McIntyre and Kane both lost control and brawled over ringside.


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* Jack Swagger backstage playing Checkers with Hornswoggle, Swagger cheats on him, and Rosa there with Hornswoggle sees Swagger switch the board, after Hronswoggle dropped on of his pieces.

* Match 3: Singles Match

Christian defeated. Tyler Reks: 7:33

Christian beat Reks in a good decent match, After Christian challenged the man who put him out on the sidelines to a match at the Elimination Chamber, Alebrto comes out and winks to accept the challenge for the Chamber Event.

* Christian runs into Edge says "Go get him buddy, this Sunday put Alberto on the sidelines, Christian says 'I just want to beat some sense into him"

* Match 5: Singles Match

Rey Mysterio defeated. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes: 17:33

Mysterio pinned Rhodes with the 619, after the match on the titantron it said "Mi334s55t!$#i6565678c@$5o" A serial number which could debut another new star to SmackDown, but why come after Mysterio?


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* Michael Cole, Booker T and Matthews try to figure who the man in the promo is... we'll find out on Raw, they also preview the Eliminaton Chamber card.

* Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match

Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero and Wade Barrett (The Corre) defeated. World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Kofi Kingston and The Big Show.

* After the match The rest of the Corre tried attacking Show, Edge and Kingston until Diesel and Christian came out and took out the rest of the Corre. Diesel and Show then step back into each other and turn around.

Rating (Out of 10)

Best Match:


Superstar of the night:


Who is the serial number superstar?

After Mysterio's match (any guesses)

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