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Internet access problems?

The computers that use my network are connecting to it fine, but they seem to get no internet access. There's a notification that says 'No Internet Access'. Anyone have any idea why this might be? It's a new router and it seems to be functioning like it should.


I've tried restarting my computer, turning off the router, unplugging and replugging the cables, everything I can think of.

The issue's only happening with my network.

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    In order for the computers to connect to the internet, two things must be true:

    1. The router must be connected to the internet.

    2. Each computer must be properly connected to the router.

    It sounds like you're pretty sure that number 2 is working, and if you're correct, then you need to test number 1. Sometimes the router will have an Internet light on the front and it should be solid or blinking if things are working properly. You can also try accessing the web configuration for the router. From one of the computers, type into a browser:, or whatever the IP address of the router is. (If you're not sure look at the Gateway IP address for the computers connected to it. Or, the router manual might tell you what the default IP address is.) Once you are logged into the router if you look at the status page you can see if it has a real world IP address, and sometimes there is even a diagnostic tool that lets you try to ping a site like to see if it's really connected or not. My guess is that the router isn't properly connected to the internet, so that's why the computers aren't either.

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    Check your local area connection. maybe you lost it.

    or if its a new router, there might have been a installing problem.

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