why do military careers not carry as much respect as they used to?

i know corruption, poor leadership n such could contribute to it, but in the Canadian army i do not know of such flaws. being in the military used to be an honored career and was held in high esteem. now, if u say your joining the military, you might be looked down on, or even teased! what has happened?


and i know that some of the conflict were involved in isnt exactly something were proud of, but that isnt the foot soldiers fault, they r trying to serve their country, make a difference,

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    9 years ago
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    I dont know anybody who looks down on military members except a military member who throws a puppy off a cliff or does something malicious. If someone looks down on someone for joining the military they are a loser and should be shunned. If you dont respect the military, I dont respect you. Military members work long hard hours and are away from their families for years. During my time in the military, my sisters grew up, my friends moved on in life, and my mother died. I was not around for any of this. 6 years of military service is a long time.

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    I don't know where you are getting this impression. I am in the Canadian military and I have never been looked down upon or mocked because of it. The people of Canada respect the military as a whole much more than they used to. Forget about the idealistic image you see in movies or TV about how everybody in the military was respected and treated them like rock stars.

    The low point for the Canadian Forces was the 1990s, when poor leadership led to the Somalia affair. The public was so angry at the military that some bases ordered their people not to wear the uniform in public. That has long since past, and the CF has the public support again.

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    Believe it or not it used to be worse. During the Vietnam era when soldiers came back they were not appreciated at all. If you were particularly unlucky, someone may have chosen to throw paint at you while you were walking around in uniform. The military was not looked upon with great favor. Only now has it seemed to improve a bit, the media gives the soldiers (not necessarily the war) positive exposure (for the most part) and civilians are generally more appreciative, though there is always that one guy/girl who insists on calling you a baby killer and all the other bull. For the most part, in my view the military commands more respect now especially since we are at war at the moment. There is an old saying somewhere "that both God and the military are looked down upon or ignored until times are desperate"

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    I would say one reason is this.

    When the economy was good, it was hard to get people to serve. They sure did not do it because they could not find a job. Now with a bad economy many people see the service as nothing but a job to do until the economy improves. Many people were forced into it because there just are no jobs available. So they get little respect hiding out in the service.

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    9 years ago

    Peace keeping was done with great honor under The Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau

    now= recent prime ministers sold Canada to the corrupt usa administration which are waging wars for oil / drugs

    war for no cause reduces honor

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    I think part of the problem is that many people do not believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are justified and though it's not fair, that spills over into feelings against those in the military.

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    The steady income and regular meals are attractive to people who can't figure out what else to do with their lives. They should still be respected because they're spending their time as productively as they can, but unfortunately rude and foolish people don't see it that way and have aired their ignorance way too much.

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    Many positions that used to command respect no longer do - politicians (believe it or not, they were respected once), teachers and other adults in schools, our elders, etc.

    The virtue of respect is diminishing in society.

    Source(s): I work in a high school.
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    Because, the military killed/kills millions of innocent people around the world and leave countries into a long term chaos.

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