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What is Ben Bernanke hiding that he doesn't want us to see? Does the Federal Bank have anything to hide?

Bernanke: Auditing Fed would violate ‘bedrock principle of central banking’

Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke is firmly resisting the initiative in Congress to subject the nation's bank to a public audit. And he's reiterating his view that even though the economy will grow more quickly this year than last, we won't soon see a significant drop in unemployment.

"Central banks that are independent in their decision-making provide a much better outcome than a central bank whose decisions are dictated by short-term political considerations," Bernanke said this afternoon during a rare question and answer session after a speech at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. "This is a fundamental bedrock principal of central banking."

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    Bernanke knows America is gone-bankrupt. A bigger depression than 1929 is soon to be upon us. He is chicken and doesn't want to be the one who 'blows the whistle.'

    He looks like a fox with chicken feathers hanging out of his mouth.

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    Same thing here, what is Obama and Sec. Janet Napolitano hiding ?

    What did top GOP oversight official Rep. Darrell Issa know, and when did he know it?

    That’s the question Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sec. Janet Napolitano must be asking herself after the California Republican, who is chairman of the House oversight committee, showed a couple of aces in their high-stakes oversight poker game on Tuesday.

    Their game is not exactly on the level. Issa has a whistleblower at the DHS giving him an inside edge on every move. And uncertainty over what he knows may be why the agency is snubbing Issa on his document deadlines.

    Thursday, Napolitano missed Issa’s second deadline, one made in response to her unceremoniously missing the original one.

    Last Friday, a top Napolitano lieutenant sent Issa a short letter promising to comply “expeditiously,” only to let the deadline expire the next day.

    Experts say it was a pretty big brush off.

    “You don’t call up the committee one day before the deadline and tell them for the first time that you’re going to miss it,” said Adam Goldberg, a partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe and veteran of the oversight wars during the Clinton administration, when he served as a counsel to the president.

    “I think that’s kind of irresponsible by the agency,” said Don Goldberg, a former special assistant to Bill Clinton who managed that administration’s response to Travel-gate, the FBI’s siege of Waco and other crises. “I would think the agency would want to get out of his crosshairs.”

    So what’s Napolitano thinking? Is DHS suffering from a steep learning curve after two years of almost no oversight by congressional Democrats?

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    If there's no money, then China and Japan are stuck holding a bunch of worthless IOUs.

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