Dark Woods Circus real?

I saw a comment on one of the videos that said the whole song is based of a real story that happened in the early Edo or Eido (don't know how it's spelled) period. For entertainment they kidnapped children and deformed them/had sexual intercourse with them in front of public. If they ever tried to resist they poured acid over their face. (The flowers on the vocaloids' faces indicates rotting flesh.) Is it really true did kids back then really get kidnapped and deformed like that i really find it interesting and would like to know and if it is true, it would be really awesome if i could get info about it. Please and thank you so much :D (I think this was in Japan but I'm not too sure)

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    I've never heard of it being true, and there's nothing on the official Vocaloid Wiki about it being true either, but that's just short of terrifying if it is. It would have been in Japan if true- the Edo period is Japan-specific.

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