Do watching fish swim?

Relax you? They relax me but real ones I havw had always die so I have virtual fish on my ipod.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes :3

    The reason the fish might have died may have had to do with the tank size. Also, a lot of people (myself, included, in former years) don't know that fish require more than just a tank. They also require an air pump, and other stuff. More fish require more tank size, as well. The pet stores are not a good representation for the tank size that you need. They put too many fish in one tank. Also, you have to check the umm..what's it called..chemical levels (?) every so often. Fish are not as easy as they sound, if you want to actually keep them alive! Google on fish care. If you've already done this, I apologize. Don't give up though! They really are beautiful. Especially gold fish - Even they require this care. You'll probably need an algae eater as well - Very cheap. They help clean the tank.

    Don't ask pet store employees, because even though there are ones that are very knowledgeable there are some that are very ignorant. Fish forums and websites are the BEST resources.

    You can own real fish! Don't settle for virtual! <3

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  • It just makes me hungry ... one of the reasons I don't go to Seaworld.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    yes!!... especially them Seahorses~~

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