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As a fan of your team...what is your favorite Super Bowl memory?

1973 ('72 season) for me...I still remember it like it was yesterday, watching the game in the living room with my dad and when the Dolphins went up 7-0 I stood up, announced in a proud 13 year old Dolphin's fan voice...."this game is over, I'm going to the store"...and peddled my bike down for a soda and a candy bar...i knew the redskin's could never score against our defense.


sorry Sam.... :(

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    I guess it was Tyree's catch. Even though I was rooting for the Patriots.

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    Super Bowl 31. The return by Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard on special teams for 99 yards was incredible. He was the first Special Teams player to ever win Super Bowl MVP. I also remember Favre's 54 yard touchdown pass to Andre Risen, which was amazing enough but Favre came back with an 81 yard bullet to Antonio Freeman. It was a lot of fun to watch.

    Packers beat the Patriots 35-21

    I'm ready for a new favorite Super Bowl, I'm older and can appreciate it more than I did back in the '96-'97 season, knowing the long wait, talent and pieces that have to fall into place to get there.

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    Watching Devin Hester return the opening kickoff for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLI. Even though we lost that game, it was still one of the most exciting moments watching football for me. Sadly, I wasn't around back in 1985 to watch the Bears crush the Patriots, but I'm sure it would be something to remember if I was.

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    I am a Steelers fan, and I have two. Both were in the Steelers Cardinals superbowl. The 100 yard interception by James Harrison for a TD, and corner TD pass and catch by Roethlisberger to Holmes.

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  • R. H
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    Jets beating the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. People assumed Namath would throw long to Sauer and Maynard...instead he dinked them and let Snell, Boozer and the defense control the clock.

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    Super Bowl XXVII, cowboys vs bills. When Leon Lett recovered a fumble and ran it back but Don Beebe chased him down and knocked it out of his hands at the 1 yd line giving Buffalo the ball back. That's really the only play that has always stuck with me. Im a Cowboy fan but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Amazing play.

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    1997 (ninety six season). Favre operating up the field which includes his helmet in a unmarried hand after he threw a stripe to Andre Rison contained in the first quarter of the great Bowl. which will be a second that i will under no circumstances forget.

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    It wasn't in the Super Bowl, but the best moment for me overall as a Steeler fan had to be the Bettis fumble and Roethlisberger tackle in that Colt's game in '05. I don't care what your team is, you have to agree that was one of the greatest moments in recent memory. (Okay, I'll let you slide if you're a Colts fan)

    But if we're talking Super Bowl, it has to be the Tampa Toechdown (Santonio Holmes' catch vs Arizona)

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    Adam Vinateri lining up for the game winning field goal vs the rams. There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to win it. Greatest kicker in the history of the NFL

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    When the Cowboys beat the Steelers. Actually I like all the Super Bowls that Dallas won. Which is more than anyother team except the Steelers.

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    watching the Bears dominate the patriots

    saddest not seeing Payton score a TD in the SB

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