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the MTR in hong kong?

will i be able to take the MTR train from hong kong island to kowloon? also what is the MTR fares? and how much does it cost to take the cable car?


i dont want to take the ferry everyday to kowloon, it will be to expensive for 2 people and btw can someone answer the question without asking a stupid question

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    Of course you can take the MTR from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon, but it will also depend on which part of Hong Kong and Kowloon, see the map of the entire network:


    To see the fare of your route, fill in the origin and destination:


    Cable car aka tram on Hong Kong Island cost around 32 US cents per journey regardless of the number of stops you go through.

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    I enjoyed no longer having to attend long between trains. The guidelines and utilising the fare machines are very intuitive. a minimum of the station brokers that I dealt with have been very friendly. Hong Kong relatively did it good while they prepare the MTR device. Any city that needs to run a subway device could desire to learn the MTR occasion. I stay in San Francisco, and the BART device right this is not interior an identical league because of the fact the MTR.

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    longliveabcdefg has given you the best answer. However, just to add that the Star Ferry from Central Pier to Tsim Sha Tsui is only $2 HK. That's only 26 cents US.

    I was trying to get the MTR from Admiralty up to Mong Kok and it was almost impossible due to rush hour traffic. I decided to go back to Central, walk to the pier and take the Star Ferry. I then hopped a bus up Nathan Road. Much quicker!

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    What did you just say?! Takes the mtr train?! Who takes the mtr train nowadays??

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