What is the service interval for a timing belt on a 2000 Ford ZX2?

According to Mitchell on Demand, the belt should be inspected at 120k miles and replaced if necessary. I'm not sure if I want to trust that but can anyone else verify this? Mine has 75k.

Thanks, Brian

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    All Data says the same thing for the 1999-2004 models I would use the 90,000 interval though NOTE: Don't lose any sleep over it because this engine is a Free wheeler (Non-interference) NOTE: The 2.0 DOHC on the Ford probe is an interference engine!

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    the known time for the elimination and refix of the belt is two.5 hours. How long it is going to all take relies upon on too many unknown factors like - Did they start on it while it arrived or while will they start on it.???? What emergency could desire to take the mechanic(s) faraway from the job????? how many mechanics are on it.?????? What does the provider contain, does it comprise the two each year brake fluid substitute, does it comprise the 4 each year coolant substitute????? while are they looking forward to which you anticipate it to be performed.????? Will it bypass the MOT, a provider does no longer assure that, and if it fails what must be performed. maximum garages will anticipate you to go away the automobile with them for the full working day a minimum of for the above except you have made option arrangenments. on the grounds which you have no longer stated it with them then anticipate it to be an entire working day and in keeping with possibility into the following day.

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    It's a non-interference engine, so I'd let it go to 100K. The other person talking about asian cars wants you to change it earlier because asian cars engine are destroyed if the timing belts break. Your Ford won't do that.

  • When timing belts break, they bend valves, punch holes in pistons, and make all manner of messes. Many asian car makers say around 80K you should replace. I say go ahead and do it now, if finances permit, otherwise as soon as possible. It will run a long, long time if cared for, and a rubber belt (albeit reinforced, but still . . .) seems to me a bad idea anyway -- in the old days, they were "timing chains", and they lasted forever.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would change it around 100K miles so someday it doesn't break on you and leave you stranded.

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