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Getting from Florence to Paris?

I am gong to Rome on March 22 for 4 nights and then getting a train to Florence for another 4 nights. After Florence I am going to Paris for a week. Is it better for me to fly from Florence to Paris or get a train? Also I was thinking of easyjet but they only flight out of Pisa. how easy is it to get from Florence to Pisa airport?

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    Train R3151 (60 minutes)

    Firenze S.M.N. depart 11:00am

    Pisa Aeroporto arrive 12:00pm ..

    Terravision bus (70 minutes ■[not forty]■)

    Firenze S.M.N. depart 11:30am

    Pisa Aeroporto arrive 12:40pm ..

    Easyjet Flight 4212

    Pisa Aeroporto depart 02:00pm (14:00)

    Paris Orly airport arr. 03:40pm (15:40) ..

    For train travel from Florence to Paris there are only three feasible connections per day with 1 or 2 intermediate stops (■no direct trains■). But they still will take more than 9 hours travel time.

    Firenze S.M.N. depart: 07:00am — 09:00am — 02:00pm (14:00)

    Milano Centrale arrive: 08:45am — 10:45am — 03:45pm (15:45)

    Milano Centrale depart:09:10am — 11:28am — 04:10pm (16:10)

    Zürich/Switzerland arr.: 12:51pm — ----------- — -----------

    Zürich/Switzerland dept:01:00pm (13:00) ---- — -----------

    Basel/Switzerland arr.: ----------- — 03:32pm (15:32) -----

    Basel/Switzerland dept: ---------- — 03:58pm (15:58) -----

    Paris Est (East) arrival: 05:34pm — 07:34pm — 11:21pm (23:21)

    Paris Est (East) arrival: (17:34) --— (19:34) .. ..


    Again, there are no daily direct trains between Florence and Paris, please don't provide misleading information without any source (raileurope is just a commercial wannabe serious travel site).

    There is only one direct night train connection which departs Florence at 10:12pm (22:12) and arrives at Paris Bercy at 10:48am

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    There are direct trains from Florence to Paris. The advantage is that you do not have to queue or wait at airports. You also go through spectacular country. Disadvantage: it takes longer and is overnight, though the seats are very comfortable. Couchettes are more expensive.

    There are Air France aeroplanes that fly from Florence airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The fare is around €169.

    Otherwise travelling out of Pisa is really easy. You take a shuttle bus from outside the train station in Florence that takes you to Pisa airport in seventy minutes.They run frequently. Obviously Easyjet is the cheapest option.

    Edit: I did type the wrong length of time for the shuttle (it should have been seventy). However the Artesia trains are direct between Paris and Florence.

    @ Gerd. I studied at the University in Florence all last year. I took the overnight train so I know it exists, and never said there were several daily trains. I also took the shuttle to and from Pisa and flew from there, so I speak from experience.

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