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what is yout take on the amanda knox case?

im in the UK and the general sensus over here, is that she is being treated as a bit of a celebrity and that the US media Iis showing a total lack of respect for meredith kerchers family. Now she may or may not be guilty, pesonally have no idea. But it all seems to be about her and not a mention about her former boyfriend who also claims innocence.Now she comes over as a spoilt rich brat to the Brits but that doesnt make her neccesarily guilty of murder. i watched thev trial on TV and to be honest there is no way she would have been convicted in a British court.Im not saying she is innocent Im saying she wouldnt have been convicted, because in a British court the prosecution have to prove beyond doubt that a person is guilty of an offence,especially one as serious as murder, and the evidence would not have been strong enough. I think this is because we believe that the UK has the best forensic science service and best investigating service in the world. Even the FBI have asked for assistance, from the UK FSS. Now forget that she is american for a minute, based on evidence alone do you think she would have been convicted in a US court

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    She wouldn't have been brought to trial in the US based on the evidence, or lack thereof, the Italians have.

    Amanda Knox actually isn't from a rich family. She comes from a middle class family in Washington State. Based on what I have heard and read, it appears as though she lived a fairly normal life in America. (I realize that most Americans come off as a bit loud and spoiled to the average European.)

    There is absolutely no physical evidence that places her at the scene of this crime. The prosecutor has had problems with corruption. A witness who claimed to have heard screaming from her apartment was easily discredited. The defendant who actually committed the crime and pled guilty is the one who testified that Knox and her boyfriend were involved in the crime - but co-defendants have a motive to lie. It defies logic that such a brutal and bloody crime could have been committed by two unsophisticated young people without leaving or taking any physical evidence with them. Additionally, it is not really possible to stab someone to death without also cutting yourself. Between the blood making the knife slippery and the force involved - a person who stabs another person to death almost always ends up with wounds on their hands.

    The biggest problem for Knox was her somewhat bizarre behavior after the murder. But this can be explained by stress, immaturity and sleep deprivation. Custodial interrogations can cause people to react in bizarre ways - and this is why the American justice system places such strict rules on the process. I think the Italian media contributed quite a lot to the problem by using "Foxy Knoxy" as a sexual nickname when it was actually a nickname her high school soccer team gave her because she was apparently "fox-like" on the field. Additionally, her sister had taken some sultry pictures of Knox for a photography class which Knox had placed on her MySpace page.

    The motive assigned by the Italian justice system was ridiculous - but the media provided the fodder. I feel badly for the family of Meredith Kercher but I don't believe Knox or her boyfriend is guilty of this crime and I don't believe either of them received a fair trial.

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    Regardless of whether Amanda Knox has been complicit in the murder of Meredith or not, deserves life in prison only because he tried to blame the murder on an innocent man who had nothing to do.

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